Why drafting Kalil just makes sense

I know, I's sexy to dream up all these trade scenarios in which Minny will attain an abundance of draft picks and move down, yet fill the plethora of holes with said picks. Not gonna happen. But, what about a fancy new WR, or addressing our horrible secondary? Join me after the jump.

Kalil is regarded as one of the best tackles since Joe Thomas...and as an Oregon fan, I watched him dominate our DE for the last few years. I understand that he is a gamble, who isn't, but it's not like he's gone up against a bunch of chumps in college either. While I know that you could point to the Rams and Browns as evidence to not pick a tackle in the top 10, let's take a look at why drafting some of the other options isn't as wise:

Justin Blackmon - Good receiver, but tends to play when he wants to. Let's also be honest enough to know that he is not #1 material. Sure, he's big and has decent hands, but he's not that fast and he runs terrible routes. Charley Casserly over at the NFL Network said it best:

He doesn't play with the top speed or suddenness of elite receivers like Calvin Johnson and Andre Johnson. I rated Dez Bryant higher on raw talent.

Morris Claiborne - Okay, I'll admit that I wouldn't mind seeing this guy in purple. However, who was the last team to win a Superbowl with a top-5 pick at CB? Trust's been a while. They main issue I have is that, though fluid, at 5-11 188lbs he doesn't have the size to match up with guys like Megatron and Marshall and he doesn't have the speed to keep pace with the Hester's and Desean Jackson's.

Michael Floyd - See above...and let's not start emulating the "Millen Lions" when it comes to high draft picks please.

Dontari Poe - At #3...too high, but worth a bit of a reach IMO. Not a real sexy pick (kinda like drafting an OT at 3) but it's a pick that changes the D-line dramatically. Think Suh, but with Jared Allen reeking havoc next to him. Scary...I just peed a little. But the problem with this pick is that it doesn't put points on the board. Not that keeping opponents from scoring doesn't help, but it's not like we lost a bunch of games by less than a touchdown (at least not later in the year).

The Plethora of Picks - I just don't see it. Who is there that teams would give up their draft or their future to get? Maybe Miami trades up to get Tannehill before the Brownies have a shot, but I don't see it. Plus, what would we get? A first rounder and second (though I would guess a third more likely) and another pick next year? Not worth it in my opinion...which counts for nothing really.

The logical option is to take Kalil and then move Johnson inside to LG. By upgrading the line, you give our QB (Ponder or Webb) the time to run the offense and find a freed up Rudolph who doesn't need to help block on every play. I think by adding a solid LT and then tweaking the O-line just a bit would give us a solid foundation for the next 5-6 years. Here's how I view the line next season:

Kalil Johnson Sullivan Loadholt Love

Move the Load to guard where edge rushers will not be able to make him look like a lard-ass, and put a serviceable tackle out on the right side who has quick feet. Just my thoughts and I am more than likely completely off base, but let me know. What would you do with the third pick?

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