Will Spielman Pass on Kalil?

Justin Blackmon Draft Highlights (via xSpaceJamxHD)

In recent articles its says that Rick Spielman is not sold on choosing Matt Kalil, the best offensive lineman in the draft. As much as i hate to hear it, i can understand where he is coming from. He is going to put together an offensive lineman that isn't going to be spectacular but manageable for ponder to still find time. Also Spielman told Ponder hes going to get him a weapon in the draft to help him improve, So without picking Matt Kalil with the third overall pick here is my retake for this years NFL draft.

Pick 3: Justin Blackmon- WR (yes this is the popular pick if we don't try going after Kalil. I can understand why. He has the ability to be a threat, i'm not saying hes the next Calvin Johnson but he would definitely be a threat any time he gets the ball and could be our #1 receiver for years to come.

Pick 35: Chase Minnifield- CB ( This is an obvious pick since our secondary needs help badly, Minnifield would be earning a spot on the starting roster, and my best bet is hell start out the season across from Chris Cook, because i mean how well do our other Corner backs play?

Pick 67: Zebrie Sanders -OT (Here is our offensive lineman. Yes he isn't as popular of a pick as Matt Kalil, but standing at 6"5 he is still NFL average size for a starting lineman. And i think through training camp hell earn his spot and compete for starting position. If anything have him compete with Loadholt, to hope that Loadholt feels the pressure and steps up next year? Then move Sanders to the LT spot.

Comp: Here's to me hoping we get the 3rd round Comp Pick: Jeff Fuller- WR (yes i realize we took Justin Blackmon with the 3rd overall pick but let me just point out that we have lack of depth at the receiver position. He stands at 6"2 and could also compete for starting position for the 2012 Season. I mean overall think how our team would do if we had Justin Blackmon as our #1 receiver, on the other side of him Jeff Fuller, then Harvin in the slot. Our receiving core has just majorly improved and gave us the offensive weapons we've been needing. By the way most mock drafts have him gone in the 4th round and that's why i put him here.

Pick 98: Casey Hayward- CB (We just need certainty depth here at CB, I see Spielman choosing 2 CB and 2 WR's in the draft because he knows that those 2 positions are our most needs.

Pick 130: Duke Ihenacho - S ( I realize that our safety position needs an upgrade, but i see it as Spielman isn't as worried about it as all of the Minnesota Vikings fan base. I see it as this, this could maybe be a surprising steal and he could end up being an improvement over who we already have. But he could end up being a bust, either way i see Spielman going after a Safety in the 2013 NFL draft.

Pick 193: Blair Walsh - K ( We need someone that can learn behind Ryan Longwell. Longwell could be a great mentor to new coming kickers in the league. Lets face is fans, Longwell has about 2 years left before he will probably retire so getting a fresh pair of legs in here in what we need. A longtime kicker is what we need.

Pick 221- Brandon Joiner- DE (Spielman wont be too worried about a Defensive End in this draft as he currently has Everson Griffen (Who i think should maybe switch to Linebacker), Jared Allen, and Brian Robison. Jared Allen has a few more great years in him and we will need someone that has learned behind him for a few years to step in for him when his playing level goes down.

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