Why we should trade down

I'll get straight to the point

Team needs and cap space

We've got a lot of the former and not a lot of the latter. I've read we're about $10m under the cap which when you add the draft pick salary needs, means there is not a lot left for free agents. We've still got gaps to fill or at least would like to upgrade on the OL, LB, WR, LB, CB and S. By trading down we can acquire more selections and fill some of these needs more cheaply

Ryan Tannehill

The Dolphins ideally need to upgrade at QB unless they think Matt Moore is their future. They lost in the Manning sweepstakes and surprisingly didn't pursue Flynn. Their new OC is Mike Sherman, who happened to be Tannehill's Head Coach at Texas A&M. They've acquired an extra 3rd round selection through trading Brandon Marshall to the Bears. On the draft value chart the different between 3rd and 8th is 800pts, which is a 2nd and two 3rds.

Free Agency

Whilst we don't have a lot of cap space there is enough to give a one or two year deal to a high risk/possible high return signing. Candidates here could include Demetrius Bell or Marcus McNeill. A third option is likely to be Jamaal Brown, an almost nailed on cap victim from the Redskins. Even if they last a year they might be a better option at LT, starting next to Charlie 'The Turnstyle' Johnson who will unfortunately prove that he is just as bad a G as he is a LT in this league and really should be on the Hartford Colonials roster. We could use the draft to get a proper LG.

The 2013 draft class

At this moment there could be half a dozen potential left tackles carrying a first round grade in this class, so if our emergency free agent only lasts a year, we can draft a replacement having filled our other needs this year. IMO it could be a similar year to 2008 when 8 OTs went in R1. The likes of Matthews, Fluker, Aboushi, Henderson etc could all be available, and they'd then join the team with an established LG in place rather than allowing Kalil to have to learn alongside a donkey.

A one off opportunity

Fans will look at what the Rams got for RG3 and ask why can't we get something similar? Unfortunately there are very few Daniel Snyders in the NFL, whilst Luck and RG3 are head and shoulders above others in their class. Other teams have urgent QB needs but Tannehill isn't so great that a team will bet tomorrow as well as today to move up. However, at the positions we need to fill, we can find starting quality in the rounds we might get additional picks. It is Sherman's links to Tannehill that might persuade the Dolphins to overpay

If we did trade down our draft order on Day1 and Day2 could look like this - No8, No35, No42, No67, No74, No75. Considering we could easily find a starting FS and OG in R3, we could upgrade DT, CB, LB and WR in this class before we even consider Day3 for depth

If we were to sign Marcus McNeill on a incentives laden one or two year deal we could then go:

8. Michael Floyd WR, Notre Dame, a No1 target for Ponder/Webb

35. Kelechi Osemele OG, Iowa State, a Day1 starter?

42. Josh Robinson CB, UCF, a lighting fast INT machine rising this post season

67. Trumaine Johnson FS, Montana, a big and fast college CB

74. Josh Chapman NT, Alabama, a new best friend for Williams

75. Audie Cole ILB, North Carolina St, the best middle left

Whoever you might want to choose, I think we would have a much stronger season than if we take Kalil at No3 and leave gaps across the roster

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