2012 Vikings Mock Draft

Here is my version of a 2012 Vikings mock draft. This is strictly analytical, no fan puns or cheap shots at anyone. I know there may be some backlash over this, but this is just my opinion. Enjoy.

Note: This includes a 2nd round trade with the Eagles. The Vikings trade the 33rd selection overall to the Eagles for the 46th and 51st selections.

Round 1: Mat Kalil/OT/USC- Uh, duh.

Round 2A: Alfonzo Dennard/CB/Nebraska- Many people think the Vikings should get a receiver early. I wouldn't be so much concerned with that as I would be with getting offensive lineman and improving the secondary. Denard would improve the secondary instantly.

Round 2B: Zebrie Sanders/OT/Florida State- Before you crucify me, remember Monday Night football against the Packers? The Vikings front line let one of the NFL's worst pass rushes in 2011 smack Christian Ponder all night. That tells me that what they got along the offensive line right now, especially at tackle, ain't gonna fly.

Round 3: Kelechi Osemele/OG/Iowa State- I know, I know, where's the pass catcher? Let me put it this way. I remember sitting watching a Viking game late last season and thinking about Ponder, “this man is going to end up in a wheelchair in two years at this rate”.

Round 4A: Antonio Allen/SS/South Carolina- If the Vikings are going to eventually be able to beat the Packers and Lions, they are going to have to figure out a way to slow down their aerial attacks.

Round 4B: Juron Criner/WR/Arizona- This guy is an explosive playmaker and would take some pressure of Harvin to make every big play.

Round 4C: Janzen Jackson/FS/McNeese State- If priority number one is the offensive line, priority number two is the secondary.

Round 5: Derek Wolfe/DT/Cincinnati- Pat Williams is gone, and Kevin Williams isn't getting any younger.

Round 6: Keith Tandy/CB/West Virginia- Having guys who can cover 3rd and 4th receivers is now becoming a must in the NFL.

Round 7A: Eric Paige/WR/ Toledo- Paige was an extremely productive collegiate player who can stand out on special teams, and if you have an explosive playmaker on special teams, it makes up for a lot of offensive short comings. (Example:Chicago Bears)

Round 7B: Blair Walsh/K/Georgia- The Packers took Mason Crosby late five years ago and it turned out to be a well spent 6th round draft choice. The Vikings could so the same with Walsh.

Future draft plans- The biggest thing that needs to be stressed here is that this is going to take a few years. So the Vikings need to have a long term draft plan, not just for this year. If I were in charge, I would focus on the offensive line and secondary in this draft for two reasons. First, Ponder is not going to last very long at this rate and the Vikings need to find a way to slow down the offensive juggernauts of the Packers and Lions. Second, this is not the draft to load up on receivers, so I would wait a year before making that top priority.

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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