My take on FA wide recievers

So as we all know at this point, our WR's suck. Were just plain bad. Percy is a great WR and id like to see Jenkins be a good #2 option, but no one is really game planning under the assumption that cammarillo is gunna burn them down the field. I made this list under the assumption that we did NOT draft Blackmon, and that we restructure deals of players like Hutch, Griffin and a few others, and cut insignificant players like Ayodele. Under these assumptions we have enough money to sign anyone of these recievers and possibly two of the younger ones.

Vincent Jackson-29
2011 Rec-60 Yds-1,106 TD's 9 after missing most of 2010, 2011 was Jackson's second best statistical season. He started all 16 games this season after missing most of last year. He tied a career high in TD's even though his QB didn't have the best year. He would be able to step in immediatly and become our #1 reciever.

Pierre Garcon-25
2011 Rec-70 Yds-947 TD's 6 Considering some of the absolute worse QB's in NFL history were throwing the ball his way, its astonishing that he had such a "good" season. He also wasnt even the #1 reciever. The reasons i dont like him as much as VJax is A) he is significantly shorter then Jackson and B) the Colts had zero running game. The second one is what concerns me, the Colts were almost always in passing situations and had to throw it, which probably padded those stats a bit, if he were to land in Minnesota, he wouldnt be targeted as often because of our monster RB's, but i think he could command some attention from opposing Corners and would be a good fit.

Marques Colston-28
2011 Rec-80 Yds-1,143 TD's-8 This is the first of Two Aint's reciever we could go after. He had about 1/5 of Drew Brees' passing yards and a decent amount of TD's. at 6"4 he has good size and would be a great upgrade at WR. Even if he was the only FA WR we get, we would still have a respectable WR corps of #1 Colston #2Jenkins #3 Percy #4 Burton/Aromashodu/late round draft pick. Plus it wouldnt hurt that we'd be chipping away at the Aint's organization.

Robert Meachum-27
2011 Rec-40 Yds-620 TD's 6 Ahh another one of those Aint's, at 6"2 Meachum was a great target this year for Brees. If he was put into a starting role consistently he probably couldv'e had 60+ Rec's with 900+ Yds. He would be a great target for whoever the hell our QB is next season. Plus he wouldnt command a whole lot of $$$, we could concievably sign both him and Garcon if we played are cards right and made some cuts/restructures. That would probably be my ideal situation but im not sure how likely it is.

Brandon Lloyd-30
2011 Rec-70 Yds-966 TD's-5 I don't really see Lloyd as a real option at this point, most signs point to him going to NE, but if Vincent Jackson goes there they may not sign Lloyd. Hes 30 years old and would be a longtime fit, but it wouldn't upset me if he landed in the frozen tundra.

Mario Manningham-25
2011 Rec-39 Yds-523 TD's-4 While his stats probably aren't blowing you away, keep in mind he only played 12 games this season, and he was the #3 reciever most of those games. He didnt have a whole lot of TD's in the regular season, but come playoff time he had 3 TD's. I wouldnt exactly expect us to be in the playoffs for a few years, and his presence probably wouldnt make us a play off caliber team. Hes young enough that he could develop into a good reciever but he wont be cheap and might be the only star reciever we could sign.

Other recievers; I've decided to list the guys seperatly because i cant see us signing them, either because their team will sign them, they wouldnt be a good fit, legal issues, or another team is interested in them. Jerome Simpson, Early Doucet, Deion Branch, Steve Smith, Braylon Edwards, Hines Ward, Randy Moss, and Eddie Royal

if we could pick up any of those first group of players, or any two of the second list, it would drastically improve our passing game no matter whose throwing the ball (Ponder/Webb). However many of them will probably be targeted by other teams and i wouldnt want us to get into a bidding war over one of them. Hopefully we can fill holes at WR and Corner in FA and draft Kalil. That could potentially turn us into a .500+ team and with all the crap secondaries in our division we could take advantage of that and maybe break those Cheese-Heads hearts. I just threw this list together over this afternoon, so i may have missed a guy or two, and there is PROBABLY a lot of typos. But you guys get the point. Let me know who you all think we should get in FA to make us a contender.

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