My Take On The Draft

Around this time of year mock drafts are defintely not a rarity on the internet. Hundreds if not thousands of mock drafts are posted on every football website out there. Some drafts stick to the safe approach and don't take many chances when it comes to picking players, others take pride in taking chances such as trading picks or having a player be picked way ahead of where they are projected (Ex: Christian Ponder) or way below they are projected (Ex: Brady Quinn). When it comes to the real draft though its almost impossible to get even the 1st round perfect even for an expert like Mel Kiper. In reality its a mix between the safe picks and the taking chances style approach. Some team no one expects usually trades up and picks up someone they think is worth giving up picks, but a lot of teams don't want to take any chances on giving away thier future for a pick they think might not pan out. Given that there are tons of drafts out there, I thought I might give it a shot. Thats for a later time though, I want to focus on what I think the Vikings might do in this upcoming draft.

Round 1 (3)

USC Left Tackle Matt Kalil

--- I think this pick pretty much speaks for himself. Vikings are in dire need of a massive upgrade on thier Offensive Line, and what better would one of the best LT prospects in the last decade be to help us rebuild our wall to protect Ponder. This pick would kill two birds with one stone. We could move the struggling Charlie Johnson to LG where he should be, and have Kalil plug Ponders blind side for years to come.

Other Options

LSU Corner Back Morris Claiborne

--- Our secondary is in just as bad if not worse shape as our O-Line and adding Claiborne would help us counter Aaron Rodgers, Matthew Stafford and Jay Cutler for the rest of thier careers. This guy was a freak at LSU and I would sure love to see him in purple.

Trade Down

--- In my opinion this is what Spielman and the Vikings really want to do, this would give them even more picks to help rebuild this squad. I had a hard time deciding whether to pick Kalil or to have the Vikings trading down but I just cant see the Vikes passing up Kalil even though Reiff would also be a good pick. Unless we are blown away by an offer I think we should stay put.

2nd Round (35)

LSU Wide Reciever Rueben Randle

--- I am not sure this would be a very popular pick by Spielman, but it would be a good one. Randle is a big strong reciever who would extremely help out our very thin recieving corps. Though Randle will not even be 21 by the time he is picked he has great potential and has improved every year at LSU. Spielman will surrond Christian Ponder with a supporting cast before he addresses the defense.

Other Options

Notre Dame Safety Harrison Smith

--- This is who I would take if I was in Spielmans shoes. When I saw people talking about Smith going to the Vikings I wasn't really sure who the guy was. After watching some highlights of him, I was very impressed and in favor of taking him 35th overall. He is a great athelete who would probably step in day one to help our safety posistion which is in worse shape than New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina (sorry cheap shot, I just really don't like New Orleans!) Smith was a leader for the Fighting Irish's defense and would help give us a respectful secondary


Georgia Tech Wide Reciever Stephen Hill

--- After the combine I was in love with this guy, he is a speedy reciever who is also tall at 6'5 . I think he still needs some developing to do, but with his skill set he could turn into a very good player and a steal at 35.

Round 2 (Somewhere between 40-55)

Virginia Tech Corner Back Jayron Hosley

--- I have the Vikings trading back into the middle of the second round to select another posistion they need drastically. I have them giving up thier first 4th round pick, and thier 6th round pick. I think Harrison Smith would be gone at this point but we still need someone to help out our secondary. Hosley is a solid player, he shut down top notch recievers during his College career and improved his stock at the Combine with a fast 40 time. He would help provide depth and great competition at the CB posistion.

Other Options

Nebraska Corner Back Alfonzo Dennard

--- I would have Spielman taking him instead of Jayron Hosley, but Dennard had struggled during the Senior Bowl where almost everyone on the Vikings coaching staff was present at. He also shut down some top notch recievers during his College days, and will become a solid CB somewhere in the NFL.

Oklahoma State Safety Markelle Martin

--- We still need to improve our safety posistion, but I dont see Spielman trading back into the 2nd round to select a safety unless it's for Harrison Smith, or somehow Mark Barron falls, but that's not going to happen.

Round 3 (66)

LSU Safety Brandon Taylor

--- Brandon Taylor is one of the most underrated players in this draft in my opinion. He had a great 2011 season but fell under the radar because of other standout defensive players from LSU. I think he could step in from day one and make an impact with his very physical style to this weak Vikings secondary

Other Options

Michigan Defensive Tackle Mike Martin

--- I'm not so sure he will still be available by this pick, but if he is Vikings should think about picking him up. He was an absolute beast at Michigan and could help out the Vikings defensive line for years to come. He is a quick and strong guy who is great at stopping the run, which has basically been Minnesota's forte this past decade. Picking Martin up could be the way to go, but Safety is too much of a need for this team.

Round 4 (128)

Baylor Defensive Tackle Nick Jean-Baptiste

--- Jean-Baptiste was a force at Baylor. His Bull rush gave every lineman that went against him problems and he could become a great player who would perhaps compete with Letroy Guion for a starting job. He has some developing to do, but so do most 4th rounders. If I were Spielman I would draft this guy in a heart beat.

Other Options

Miami Outside Linebacker Sean Spence

---Sean was a great player for the Hurricanes, and had a strong 2011 season. The only thing that he lacks is size. He has the potential to be a great Linebacker in this league, and would fit the Vikings 4-3 defense very well.

Round 4 (134)

Colorado Guard Ryan Miller

--- Miller would provide depth and develop for a spot at Guard. Most teams would want to develop Miller at Right Guard which would provide great competition for the Vikings at that spot. They need a lot of work on the O-Line and I think Miller would be a great kid to pick and develop into a above average guard in this league.

Round 5 (138)

Cincinati Inside Linebacker J.K Schaffer

--- We need some depth at linebacker with E.J Henderson leaving. J.K Schaffer had a great Senior season for Cincy and with some good development could turn into be a great NFL player. Either way This pick would help bring in some depth for the Vikings.

Other Options

Kansas Outside Linebacker Steven Johnson

--- He would also provide depth at our thin linebacking core.

Round 7 (210)

South Dakota State Wide Reciever Dale Moss

--- Moss would be a great low risk pick for the Vikings. He is an under the radar prospect but could be a great pick for a team. He would defintely be a project in the NFL, but has a chance to pan out into a good WR for whatever team that takes him.

Round 7 (223)


Undrafted Free Agents

RB,K,LB's and CB's to help out in Special Teams.

My run down of picks are

Round 1 - OT Matt Kalil

Round 2 - WR Rueben Randle

Round 2 - CB Jayron Hosley

Round 3 - S Brandon Taylor

Round 4 - DT Nick Jean-Baptiste

Round 4 - G Ryan Miller

Round 5 - ILB J.K Schaffer

Round 7 - WR Dale Moss

Round 7 - BPA

There you have it. I tried to fill some of our needs and add some depth into this team. There might be some people you have never heard of. I wanted to throw out some names people havn't been saying that I think we have a shot to draft. It will take another couple years to totally turn around this team, but in my opinion a draft like this where we get some young studs who have a lot of potential is a very good start. I know Spielman and the Vikings front office know way more than all of us, so I could be completely off. Here's to hoping every one of our draft picks this year turn into Hall of Famers!

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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