6 Parameters to Judge the Schedule

Week 1 (Sept. 9) - Jacksonville Jaguars at Minnesota Vikings
Week 2 (Sept. 16) - Minnesota Vikings at Indianapolis Colts
Week 3 (Sept. 23) - San Francisco 49ers at Minnesota Vikings
Week 4 (Sept. 30) - Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions
Week 5 (Oct. 7) - Tennessee Titans at Minnesota Vikings
Week 6 (Oct. 14) - Minnesota Vikings at Washington Redskins
Week 7 (Oct. 21) - Arizona Cardinals at Minnesota Vikings
Week 8 (Oct. 25) - Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Minnesota Vikings (Thursday Night)
Week 9 (Nov. 4) - Minnesota Vikings at Seattle Seahawks
Week 10 (Nov. 11) - Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings
Week 11 (Nov. 18) - BYE WEEK
Week 12 (Nov. 25) - Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears
Week 13 (Dec. 2) - Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers
Week 14 (Dec. 9) - Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings
Week 15 (Dec. 16) - Minnesota Vikings at St. Louis Rams
Week 16 (Dec. 23) - Minnesota Vikings at Houston Texans
Week 17 (Dec. 30) - Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings

Matt Bowen says there are 6 different things to look out for when the schedule is released:

UPDATE: The text in italics in my post is quoted from his Bowen's article on NFP.

Here are the six parameters:

1. Opening Game: "Once you find out who (and where) you are playing when the season kicks off, the meetings—starting in the offseason—will be tailored to fit the personnel and scheme of your first opponent."

I guess we are good for opening game with Jags coming to town. Gabbert being greeted by Jerrod Allen would be a good start to our season. (1-0)

2. First Quarter: "You want a fast start in the NFL? Then win the "first quarter". And if you fall in an early hole, you might not get out."

Week 1 (Sept. 9) - Jaguars at Vikings - W
Week 2 (Sept. 16) - Vikings at Colts - W
Week 3 (Sept. 23) - 49ers at Vikings - L
Week 4 (Sept. 30) - Vikings at Lions - L

By somewhat conservative estimate, this might break even for us. Last season we did pretty good (except for the whole second half of the game fiasco) - (1.5 - 0.5)

3. Monday Night Football: "A short week of practice. And if you have to travel, it will impact your game prep."
I will add "getting to see Gruden fellating Aaron Rodgers" as an added negative if we happen to play Packers on MNF.

No MNF games for us is great. No extra planning for the short week etc, No dealing with Gruden and we suck in prime time games anyway. (2.5 - 0.5)

4. Weather for Games at Open Air Stadiums: Packers, Bears, Broncos, Bills, Patriots are the teams to worry about for cold - We have Week 12 (Nov. 25) - Vikings at Bears & Week 13 (Dec. 2) - Vikings at Packers, to worry about. Miami, Tampa and Jacksonville for heat early in the season - We have Bucs and Jags coming here so we don't have to worry about them (at least this year). But over all this is a lose proposition for us because of the fact that we are playing 2 divisional opponents in their open air stadiums in December. (2.5 - 1.5)

5. Travel: East Coast-West Coast Trips: Only game we have to worry about is Seahawks game (Vikes @ Seahawks Nov 4). But we play it after our Thursday Night game on Oct. 25 (Bucs @ Vikings) so we will have enough time to prep+travel. Following Seahawks in week 9, we play Lions at home in wk 10 and then we get our BYE in week 11. I think our schedule is pretty good when it comes to travel this year. (3.5 - 1.5)

6. Bye Week: "You hope for a bye-week somewhere near the middle of the season. Time to rest your body and mentally get away from football."

Vikings, Giants, Seahawks and Titans get Bye in week 11, which is also the last week of Byes. That cannot be good. But more importance is usually given to not getting Bye week at the beginning of the season so I would say that it may not be too bad for us. For comparison, Byes start from week 4 with Colts and Steelers. Lions get their in week 5, Bears in wk 6 and Packers in week 10. (4.5 - 1.5)

I guess we did not get a bad deal after least by these parameters. Take the poll.

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