Almost totally non-viking related but interesting draft thought

and I can't figure out how to post it on the NFL blog so Imma post it here and y'all can ignore it or if one of y'all knows how to put it where it should go feel free and thanks from Crabby MC.

I find it fascinating that with all the scrutiny and all the interviews and all the wonderlics, and talk of team chemistry and who is good in the locker room that the bunch of guys that end up getting drafted always produce busts. by busts I don't mean guys who can't play NFL level football, I mean arrests, convictions, etc and so on

So I don’t think Alfonzo Dennard is getting nearly enough credit for being the first of the 2012 draft class to be arrested……he follows in a long line of first round picks (or potential first round picks that have fallen) that have run afoul of the law. I only did this off the top of me head and without much research but I think I can go through every draft of the 2000’s and find first round picks (or at worst early second rounders) who have been arrested..

2001- Michael Vick- Dogfighting

2001- Plaxico Burress- Shooting himself

2002- Donte Stallworth- Drunkenly running over a guy with his bentely and killing the guy then only being sentenced to 20 some odd days in prison and not even serving the whole term forever marring my love of both football and respect for the justice system.

2003- Charles Rogers- Substance problems and domestic assualt

2004- Ben Roethlisberger- Felonious Stupidity-

2005 Adam “Pac Man” Jones- Las vegas Shooting among other incidents

2006- Santonio Holmes- Felonious Arrogance although Vince Young’s weird is he suicidal moment when they called the police could almost supplant Mr. Holmes.

2007- Jamarcus Russell- possession of codeine syrup without a valid prescription

2008- Aqib Talib- aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after accusing him of firing a gun at his sister's boyfriend

2009- Kenny Britt- On April 12, 2011 Britt was arrested in New Jersey on three counts (including a felony) following an alleged car chase with police. The charges were later reduced.[3] On June 7, Britt pled guilty to careless driving and was fined. Britt was arrested in Hoboken, NJ, charged with resisting arrest.

2010- Sergio Kindle for DWI although Dez Bryant of the hated Cowboys is being sued for never paying for jewelry.

2011- Aldon Smith- On January 28, 2012, Aldon Smith was arrested for DUI in Miami Beach, Florida

2012- Mr Dennard Bar fight wasn't it........

So congrats to Alfonzo for getting a jump on the other 2012 draftee and let me know if I forgot any big ones.......I almost missed Big Ben & Pac Man for lesser choices by mistake.

Oh and let us never forget our own draft choice fiasco-----No not the Herschel Walker trade but 1999 1.(B) DIMITRIUS UNDERWOOD (29), DE, Michigan St.- who we drafted despite a History of instability and warnings from his college coach that the guy wasn't mentally fit to play in the NFL....

yeah I'm still Crabby

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