Idea for possible Rams trade

Today I've seen an article that St. Louis is shopping S-Jax and another that they may be looking to the third spot to secure their next running back in Trent Richardson.!/evansilva/statuses/194787208866168833

With multiple reports all questioning whether a blue chip LT is necessary and that an adequate LT would do, it is possible that the Vikings just plain do not want to commit to a LT early in the draft. If this is the case, the Vikings seem to be in a problematic position as the top WR in the draft, Justin Blackmon, is not highly regarded as a truly elite prospect. In addition to Blackmon, CB Morris Claiborne himself comes with questions such as his somewhat short stature at 5'11" and the need for a lock down corner in the cover two scheme.

In the end it seems that, assuming the Front Office just doesn't want a LT early, we are in a lose-lose-lose position with our pick even with a trade down to sixth with the Rams. One direction we use a high pick on a LT who will suck up a lot of salary cap space doing a job that doesn't have to be done quite that great. The next scenario is we draft a WR that would be a stretch to be a top-10 pick in previous drafts and might not pan out at the next level. And the final scenario is that we choose a CB that doesn't fit our scheme and is over-matched by the pure size of the likes of Megatron.

With all these possible scenarios I have become a little worried about not getting good value out of our precious third pick. However, then I remembered some of the other aspects of a possible trade.

1. The draft is considerably deep in WR and CB talent this year without many clear-cut future HoF prospects.

2. Next year's draft class will (at least I've heard) have considerable depths at the LT position if in case whoever we take not named Matt Kalil does not work out. (and whoever doesn't work out must be better than Loadholt who gave up more sacks than Johnson last year)

3. It seems to me that next years top CB's, Safeties and WR's all carry the more prototypical profiles of elite prospects.

With these thoughts what if the Vikings traded our #3 pick this year (2200 points) along with this years #131 pick (41 points) and their 2013 3rd round pick (estimated 250 points) to the Rams for both their 2013 1st round picks (estimated 1000 points each) and this years #39 pick (510 points).

Basically it comes down to 2491 points to 2510 points which for teams moving up seems fair enough to me.

In this case the vikings would be able to take advantage of the depth of talent in the CB and WR class by adding a second rounder this year while not having to risk "reaching" for a non-elite prospect early in the first round while turning that pick into possibly two elite players in next years draft.

This idea seemed to make more sense in addition when you consider the risks we are taking on players with all of the one-year contracts. Because we have no idea if the likes of Jerome Simpson, Zach Bowman, Geoff Schwartz, or Chris Carr will pan out and we still have yet to find out if guys like Mistrel Raymond, Brandon and Stephen Burton, Brandon Fusco, Jasper Brinkley, Letroy Guion or Erin Hernderson will step up this year, it is extremely difficult to assess accurately where the teams actual greatest needs will be until after we see them play.

By making this deal we essentially would get a much better feel of our teams strengths and weaknesses and therefore better use high first round picks on positions of desperate need with actual elite talent rather than "reaching" for a guy in a position where we might actually be better off than others.

In the end, two extra first rounders next year when our young team will be much more thoroughly tested would be a much better value than taking Blackmon or Claiborne this year hoping that either might be a lot better than projected.

Again, this is just some thoughts on the situation. IMO I would still like Kalil, but this is what I would lean towards if the Front Office is just against selecting the guy.

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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