The Nearly Complete Path to Success

While examining our current roster and looking round the league, as well as in the record books, I noticed something. there are two prototypical rosters that have lead to playoff berths and, perhaps more importantly a few super bowls. The first is the obvious, QB driven, loaded with talented receivers, and a flexible defense. AS we know too well, Green Bay has a pretty good grasp on this concept, a few other teams that utilize this team style with success are New England, the Giants (although in the latter half of the season their defensive line truly made leaps of progress) and New Orleans.

However, there is another style that seems to be overlooked. This style does not require an elite quarterback, although it still dictates a team has a play caller who makes good decisions and can, if needed, run an efficient 2-min offense. There is, however, a very pressing offensive need, there is a call for an elite player at a key position. Elite players are hard to come by, but lucky for us, we have a top-tier player at this very important position. The position, as you might have guessed, is runningback.

Looking at a couple more teams that made their way into the playoffs, I noticed some teams without truly great quarterbacks. Those teams are: Denver, Baltimore, San Francisco, and Houston (I realize Shaub was taken out via injury) There are two prominant strengths that stick out among all of the mentioned teams (except maybe Denver) at the time they entered the wild card round.

1: A very strong running game, usually centered around an elite RB

2: An extremely stingy defense usually centered around two phenomenal players in the front seven

Like I said, Denver breaks the mold a bit, but the tebow/mcgahee combo nearly compensated for the lack of a great RB. Also, while Von Miller + Elvis Dumervil is impressive, I wouldn't consider it enough to qualify, this team may have been able to bypass this by the abnormally great play of Dawkins, Goodman, and Bailey.

Other than this exception, all teams mentioned have the two necessary components.

Hou: Arian Foster + Dameco Ryans/Mario Williams

SF: Frank Gore + Patrick Willis/Navarro Bowman

BAL: Ray Rice + Ray Lewis/Terrell Suggs

Currently, we are on our way to being "set" to having many seasons of success using this formula. We have both Adrian Peterson and Jared Allen. Also, Ponder, if given a chance may be A. Smith or J. Flacco equivalent. I am not saying we should shy away from drafting WRs and O-Lineman in the draft. What I am saying is that If we can land a young, talented, ILB, and build around him and Allen in our defensive scheme, we should be set for years of success.


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