Draft Info: Picks, Games and Games on Games

Hey guys! I just did my draft research (based on team blogs, mock drafts, rumors, etc. not my personal opinion) and thought I'd share. This post is about much more than my mock, though...

1. Indianapolis Colts- Andrew Luck, QB

Analysis: Because they said so...

2. Washington Redskins: Robert Griffin III, QB

Analysis: Duh.

3. Minnesota Vikings- Matt Khalil, LT

Analysis: Claiborne/Blackmon are smoke screens.

Second option: Morris Claiborne

Third option: Justin Blackmon

4. Cleveland Browns- Trent Richardson, RB

Analysis: They won't be taking Blackmon or Tannehill. This pick sounds pretty set.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Morris Claiborne, CB

Analysis: Cox could be very likely traded for here. Kuechly would be a good pick for the Buc's as well

Second option: Fletcher Cox

Third option: Luke Kuechly

6. St. Louis Rams- Justin Blackmon, WR

Analysis: The first six picks are boring. No surprises (IMO). Cox is rumored here but sounds like a smoke screen.

Second option: Fletcher Cox

7. Jacksonville trades their pick to Philadelphia Eagles- Fletcher Cox, DT

Analysis: Jacksonville is trying desperately to trade down but haven't found takers. Philly is likely to catch Cox before he falls

Second option: If the Jag's pick here, the rumor is Stephen Gilmore

Third option: Melvin Ingram

8. Miami Dolphins- Ryan Tannehill, QB

Analysis: This sounds like a lose-lose draft for the Dolphins. Tannehill is pretty guaranteed, but if it's not Ryan it sounds like it'll be Melvin Ingram.

Second option: Melvin Ingram

9. Carolina Panthers- Michael Floyd, WR

Analysis: His stock has gotten hot and Floyd is a fan favorite in Carolina. They want a #2 threat for their soon-to-be Madden cover QB

Second option: Look for a trade here to the Jets. If the Jets trade up they're looking for Floyd or Ingram

Third option: Luke Kuechly

Fourth option: Stephen Gilmore

10. Buffalo Bills- Stephen Gilmore, CB

Analysis: Gilmore's stock is hotter than lava curry and their GM loves him and says CB is their weakest position. This sounds like a likely pick.

Second option: The BPA is Luke Kuechly and it's very likely they'll take him

Third option: Management has said Mark Barron isn't ruled out and a trade for him here is pretty likely

11. Kansas City Chiefs- David Decastro, OG

Analysis: If Jessica Alba and Decastro walked into a room at the same time, Chiefs management wouldn't even notice Alba was there. They are so in love with Decastro that, after a long Kuechly vs. Decastro debate, they take him

Second option: Drafting Luke Kuechly here is just as likely. They don't think he'll drop this far so if he does they'll be pleased, but they will in the end prefer Decastro (IMO)

12. Seattle Seahawks- Luke Kuechly, LB

Analysis: The Seahawks want to get an edge rusher, but can't ignore the linebacker help from the BPA. Someone will quite possibly trade up here for Luke

Second option: Melvin Ingram

13. Arizona Cardinals- Reilly Reiff, OT

Analysis: The birds will be pleased to have Reiff fall to them, but he could likely fall even farther. This spot is probably the most likely to be traded as teams will be looking to beat Dallas to Barron (or beat the Jets to Ingram)

Second option: Melvin Ingram

14. Dallas Cowboys- Mark Barron, S

Analysis: The Cowboys praise god, they got their player to fall to them. Kirkpatrick or an OLB are rumored to be options for them, but I doubt they think twice about Barron

15. (via Philadelphia) Jacksonville Jaguars- Quinton Coples, DE

Analysis: I think Jacksonville will have a rough draft. They don't seem to know what to do. They sound like they'd draft Coples here as 4-3 help. While DT is a need, they don't seem to realize it. CB is a more likely pick. They should trade down again, which could be easy to do if someone wants Ingram

Second option: Dre Kirkpatrick

Third option: Michael Brockers

Fourth option: Dontari Poe

16. New York Jets- Melvin Ingram, DE/OLB

Analysis: See: Cowboys analysis. (praise god, blahblahblah) They want a WR but aren't in a good spot for one.

Second option: They apparently really like Courtney Upshaw, but I doubt they pass on top-12 talent Ingram

17. Cincinnati Bengals- Dre Kirkpatrick, CB

Analysis: CB is a huge need as Leon Hall is injured and they lack a strong #2.

Second option: Marvin Lewis apparently loves Courtney Upshaw.

18. San Diego Chargers- Chandler Jones, DE

Analysis: Since they missed Barron, this pick is a toss up. Jones's stock is rising so I pick him.

Second option: Courtney Upshaw, Cordy Glenn, any DE/OLB could go here. For real.

19. Chicago Bears- Michael Brockers, DT

Analysis: Despite their need for OL, the word is they're going to take the best DL available. This would be Brockers.

Second option: Dontari Poe

Third option: Kendall Wright

Fourth option: Cordy Glenn (they probably should...)

20. Tennessee Titans- Dontari Poe, DT

Analysis: Same word is out about the Titans wanting the best DL. A DE is possible as well though and Poe could continue to fall

Second option: Whitney Mercilus

Third option: They could use some OL help as well so... Cordy Glenn


So that's what it's looking like to me. If you're wondering why I only did the first 20 picks, you've allowed me to segue into the next part of this post! (it's not just a mock draft, silly)

My dad and friends and I always do a mock draft bet. $5 per person, first 20 picks, winner takes all. Here's how the scoring works...

The key of the game is getting the player picked at the right spot (doesn't matter the team). Although you are rewarded based on how close your prediction was, it is better to get a few exactly right than most close. Here's why...

The scoring works like this (based on what # you put the player at and what # they get selected at):

Exactly right- 32 points

1 pick off- 16 points

2 picks off- 8 points

3 picks off- 4 points

4 picks off- 2 points

5 picks off- 1 point

6 picks off- 0 points

While this may seem to give a lot of points out, it can be very unforgiving (anybody remember Donte Whitner?!!??)

It's a lot of fun though and makes the first round really intense as players slide and get picked early.

Here's an example of the scoring, just to be clear...

If you predict the following order: Luck, Khalil, Blackmon, Robert Griffin III

and the following happens: Luck, Robert Griffin III, Khalil, Blackmon

you would get the following points: 32, 16, 16, 8 (for the players Luck, Khalil, Blackmon, RGIII, respectively)


Here's the third and final part of this post...

A draft drinking game!!!

1. I'm not sure this site's rules on referencing alcohol, so to be safe I will say that "beer" is short for "root beer" and "shots" are actually shots of apple juice.

2. I know there are a lot of these games out there, but I want to make one for this draft (and to help me through the Vikings screwing up their pick, if they do)

I will be spending the evening with friends, drinking beer and eating pizza and chips (yeah! draft!)

Here's what I propose as a drinking game...

-Take a shot every time the Vikings make a bad pick (or a good pick...just take a shot at #3)

-Take a shot if the Jaguars trade down

-Take a shot if Stephen Gilmore is a top 10 pick

-Take a shot if someone trades up for Mark Barron

-Take a shot if the Jets get Michael Floyd (because it'll be awful to see our Cretin WR play for the J-E-T-S)

-Take a shot if Dontari Poe falls past pick 20 (picks 21 and later)

-Take a shot if the Vikings do something else that's stupid (like trade AP for Blaine Gabbert) because you'll need it.

Max shots: 7 Min: 1

They should be spaced out well. If all of these things happen, you'll be doing a shot at pick #3, pick #7, pick #7-10, pick #11-13, pick #13-16, pick #21-32


Well, that's it for my long long long post. Hope you enjoyed my mock and games, but I hope even more that we ALL ENJOY THE DRAFT!!!! (if you haven't noticed, I'm extremely excited)

Here's a poll for funzies...

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