Predict: Draft's First Round Winners and Losers

I don't know about you guys but I can't stop thinking about the draft. Let's dive right into it...

I'd like to analyze the teams you believe to be in a good position, as well as those you believe to be in a bad one. I'm going to start you off with the bad because I like to save the good news for last.


1. Jacksonville Jaguars- At #7, the Jags are the odd man out in this draft as scouts believe there are 6 elite players to be had. They've been trying to trade down with cries that Kansas City or Seattle or someone would need to be the Dolphins to Tannehill, but no team seems to care enough to trade up. At 7 it's likely Fletcher Cox, who is highly valued enough to be a possibility even for #5 or #6, could be traded up for. Philly is the likely team though and trading down to #15 leaves the Jaguars (very likely) out of range of Floyd, or Gilmore (both of whom they like)

2. Miami Dolphins- They're trying to act like they're not set on Flannehill, but nobody's buying it. This is way too high for the overrated Tannehill and even if they don't end up drafting him, they'll probably take Ingram or Coples and leave some gaping holes in their team.

3. San Diego Chargers- This may be a less sexy pick, but at #18 the Chargers are left to choose between the 2nd tier of OL or the 2nd tier of DE/OLB. Not a great position to be in when you're only a few picks from an elite pass rusher (most likely). There's a reason they're trying to trade up for Barron, they are on the edge of a talent cluster. Unfortunately, they're going to have to spend a lot to be able to steal Barron from the Cowboys.


1. Minnesota Vikings- I believe even the unbiased person would put us here as we essentially have the #1 pick (since we wouldn't be drafting a QB anyway). With the ability to choose anybody (and, therefore, the ability to get a huge trade bounty), it would be hard for the Vikings to leave the first round without a lot of talent (Troy Williamson...)

2. Kansas City Chiefs- Believe it or not, the Chiefs draft pretty well (IMO, Flowers, Johnson, etc.). At #11, they could wind up with Decastro (their favorite), Kuechly, and Barron on the board. Maybe even Fletcher Cox. They're rumored to be interested in Poe but that would be a mistake. Barron could give them a huge trade bounty. Win win win

3. New England Patriots- They obviously are a very smart franchise and with two 1st rounders I expect them to make a lot of noise. Look out for them trading up. If they don't, they'll manage to find two solid players at the bottom of the round.

Honorable Mention: Denver Broncos- At #25, the Broncos could be left with many players with a lot of potential in positions of need. Poe could fall and become their NT, Cordy Glenn is a versatile lineman, and they're right in the middle of the run of DE/OLB players. Heck, maybe they take a WR or Fleener to give Manning more targets. They can't really go wrong here.

Now let me know what you guys think!

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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