Mock Draft with trade from the Buffalo Bills

Lets just think here for a minute that Rick Spielman does except the trade from the Buffalo Bills. He wont accept it with just trading the 10th and 41st pick. Lets say Spielman only agrees if they trade their 10th, 41st, 144th, and their 1st round pick in 2013. Here is my mock draft if this kind of trade could actually go down.

Rd 1: Mark Barron- S 6"2 (He was 2nd on the team in tackles in 2011 with 68 and he is also known as a ball hog where he had 7 interceptions in 2010, rated as the best Safety in this years draft. Will immediately upgrade our horrible safety position.

Rd 2: 35. Rueben Randle- Wr 6"4 (He had his best season at LSU last year where he had 53 catches for 917 yards and a pretty good AVG of 17.3 per catch. Yes, yes i know we just got Jerome Simpson but we need that #1 receiver and i believe that Rueben Randle has what it takes to become one, not saying hes going to be a ultimate star this year but hell have a break out year in about 2-3 years. Hes the yin to Harvin's Yang.

Rd 2: 41. Alameda Ta'amu- DT 6"3 (He could be a nice addition knowing that Kevin Williams is aging and will be retiring in the near future. Alameda was a starter at Washington where he played in 50 out of the 52 games over his 3 years. He tallied up 109 tackles, 9 sacks, and 19 tackles for loss.

Rd 3 66: Zebrie Sanders-OT 6"6 (Yes, he is no Matt Kalil... but if he doesn't pan out then we will be looking for an offensive tackle as well next year. I think he would be good in Minnesota for the fact that hmm.. where did he play? Florida State. Who is our starting quarterback and where did he play? Yes Christian Ponder and he played at Florida State as well, where Sanders filled in nicely with Andrew Datko went down with injury. He would be switching from RT to LT but like i read in a report, that some of his better starts was from where he had to move to the left side when Datko went down. Maybe next year also if Loadholt doesn't work out then Sanders can be our RT and we can draft a starting LT in 2013.

Rd 4 98: Shaun Prater- CB 5'11 (okay i only choose him here because I've read reports that he plays best in a cover 2 system. Where obviously Minnesota runs a cover 2 defense. I think that he'll be able to show a little of what he can do and i think he'll get reps behind Chris Cook, Chris Carr, Zach Bowman and Antoine Winfield. With all these guys (if healthy) the secondary will look amazing compared to 2011.

Rd 4 128: Kyle Wilber- OLB 6"5 ( Also I know that our OLB spot is better then our MLB spot. I think Kyle Wilber will be a great addition here. Greenway showed he could stop the run good last year but looked lost in coverage. It never hurts to have competition in Training camp. Also is Erin Henderson doesn't pan out this year and is cut next year then Wilber would compete for the starting spot.)

Rd 4 134: Brandon Washington- OG (I'm not sure if Mr. Washington will be here at this pick, im just going off a mock draft i saw tonight on (this is where my whole mock draft information is from). He will be a body in training camp that could also be competing for a starting spot. His frame at 6'4 and 320 pounds puts him in the normal size of a starting Offensive Guard.

Rd 5 138: Tank Carder- LB (I don't know a whole lot about him, this mock from has him listed as a ILB but other sites call him an OLB. If he is an ILB or can be formed into one i believe we should take him here. Ive heard that he is an underrated player and has a huge upside. Not a day 1 starter but depending how our Linebackers play this year he could be competing for a start within the next few years.

RD 5 144: Alfonzo Dennard- CB ( Once labeled as a 2nd- round pick until his off field issues, If we could get Dennard this late in the draft and he can keep his nose clean and come out as a great cornerback, then i think this could be one of the greatest steals of the draft).

RD 6 175: D.J. Campbell- S (Yes, I know we have already taken an amazing safety this draft with choosing the best one available in the draft (Barron) but the cover 2 scheme requires good plays by both the safety spots. Im not saying he will be starting but he'll help our depth at this position

RD 7 210: Dale Moss- WR 6"3 (Moss comes from a small school and no im not expecting him to be the other Moss that came to town in the 1998 draft (Randy). Dale Moss played at South Dakota at 4 years as a basketball player before coming back for a 5th year to play football. In his only year as a receiver he had 61 catches for 949 yards and 6 TDS. He's definitely depth at this position and could end up seeing reps if a starter goes down with injury.

RD 7 223: Best Kicker Available (There is a few names here, i don't know much about the kickers in this years draft but i do believe that we need to get one for the fact that Ryan Longwell is 38 years old and retirement could be coming soon. Also Longwell has an off season where he only hit 78.6 % of his kicks, his lowest since 2005. I don't blame him in a way knowing our long snapper was out and had to get surgery, and i expect his percentage to go up this year. If his percentage stays around the same or worst, i think this could be his last year in Minnesota

I'm sorry for this being so long, i just thought id give my opinion and some reasoning behind it. I know all my picks aren't perfect and I know that everyone has their opinions on whats going to happen tomorrow night. But we will see what happens. Maybe Minnesota will stay at 3 after all and take Matt Kalil, but who knows. Id like your feed back and thanks for taking your time to read this.

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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