Day 2 Predictions (...I mean hopes and dreams)

Day 1 was a very successful draft day by my less than expert opinion. We addressed our 2 biggest needs (IMO) with players that can come in and start for us right away. And, we actually still have the same number of draft picks today that we had at the start of the day yesterday. So, that's pretty cool too. What do I think they will do tonight? This is going to be as hard to predict as the trade down with the Browns and the subsequent trade-up with the Ravens were last night. But, I'm going to give it a shot anyway. And like last night, I won't get to watch the draft again! I'll be at a rehearsal all night. But, I'll be checking it during the breaks and seeing how it plays out for us. Read on after the jump.

In my opinion, since we signed Jerome Simpson in free agency, it lowers our need at WR just a little. Back in my Current State of the Roster fanpost, I identified the following needs in order: S, LT, WR, CB, DT, LB, and RB. I would probably drop WR down one notch below DT after the Simpson signing. So, IMO, I would like to see the team target a CB or a DT tonight (or maybe even both!). There were only three CB and three DT taken in the first round, meaning all of the following players are still available and could easily be drafted in the 2nd or 3rd rounds:

Defensive Tackle:
-Brandon Tompson, Devin Still, Jerel Worthy, Kendall Reyes, Billy Winn, and Alameda Ta'Amu.

-Janoris Jenkins, Alfonzo Dennard, Jayron Hosley, Jamel Flemming, Trumaine Johnson, Trevin Wade and Brandon Boykin

I would put money one at least one of the guys above being drafted tonight. Whether or not we see who falls to us at pick #66 or not, remains to be seen. I wouldn't be surprised to see us trade our 4th (#118) and/or 5th round (138/139) picks. Both of our 5th round picks are now basically expendable because of our late 4th round compensatory picks which occur just a few spots before, and I would expect Speilman to be motivated to use them to trade up either into the 3rd or 2nd. We could also use one of our three 7th round selections as additional trade bait, especially for getting back into the 2nd. I expect Spielman to move up to address two positions, and my fingers are crossed that we address DT and CB tonight, and then WR in the 4th tomorrow. Here are my predictions:

Round 2: We trade up into the late 2nd round using #118 (4th) #138 (5th) and #211 (7th) to pick a DT. My hope is for Brandon Thompson or Devin Still. Not sure if anyone would take those picks for a 2nd, or even if those players would be available in the late 2nd round.

Round 3:We select a CB at #66. My hope is for Trumain Johnson or Jamel Fleming

Who knows what will happen!?

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