Kalil-less Mock Draft - Vikings

With the draft sneaking up on us patient Vikings fans (lol), one must ask, "Where the hell are we gonna land this broken plane for repairs?!" Obviously we need help at about nearly every other position, but the safe route for our first round pick everyone’s jawing about is the LT Monster Kalil. I agree he is one of the best options for the Vikings but I wanted to take a crack at a mock draft that does not solidify our O-line with Kalil. Blasphemy, right? Let’s take a look after the jump.

I based my research off of the CBS Sports NFL Draft Prospects board and I am sure that a lot of the players that I mention will get drafted before I have them being snatched up but the main point I am trying to get at here is, regardless the rest of the draft picks, LETS DRAFT ALL THE LSU SECONDARY!!!

R – Draft Pos. -- Name – Player Pos.

1. 3rd. Morris Claiborne – CB: If the Vikes don’t go all team Kalil on this one, you know they will want to summon a destructive force in the secondary. I mean I want more than 8 interceptions in a season! Rodgers, Stafford, even Cutler get a lil’ excited when they see purple! This needs to change and it happens this draft.

2. 35th. George Iloka – FS: He is rated the number one free safety and with him on the board, it’s hard not to think "Hey Rick, we just upgraded our Cornerback position… why not pump some figurative steroids into a secondary that could easily classify as a thirdly?"

Possible runner-ups: Stephen Hill – WR, Mark Barron – SS, Mike Adams – OT (if any available).

3. 66th. Mitchell Schwart – OT: He ain’t Matt Kalil, but he is very serviceable as a LT. Plus, he is brother to newly signed O-lineman Geoff Schwartz. You know that Geoff will pump as much useful information into Mitchell’s head as possible and on top of that, who wouldn't want to play as hard or harder than their own sibling?! Healthy competition = good.

Possible runner-up: Mohamed Sanu – WR.

4. 98th. Alameda Ta’amu – DT: Something just tells me that Guion or Evans aren’t going to just snap into elite form and if Ta’amu is available at this point, yes the winds of change are a blowin’. At the very least he will provide more competition for the DT’s.

Possible runner-ups: Mychal Kendricks – ILB, Marvin Jones – WR.

4. 128. James-Michael Johnson – ILB: Need more depth at the middle linebacker spot with E.J teetering on the goodbye train. He is ranked as the 4th best ILB with good coverage and great run-stuffing ability. Seems like a good fit for the purple and gold and their Tamp 2 religion.

Possible runner-up: Dwight Jones – WR.

4. 134. Tommy Streeter – WR: A nice tall receiver is exactly what the Vikings are in need of. If he can develop into a vertical threat, our beloved P. Harvin’s talent can explode in the slot! Touchdown Tommy might go early and I would consider drafting him when the cross-hairs for WR point to him.

Possible runner-up: Janzen Jackson – FS

5. 138. Brandon Taylor – SS: The comradery will be beautiful if Claiborne and Taylor get to work together again. If he needs to develop, then we got some depth at the safety position.

Possible runner-up: Lucas Nix - OG

6. 175. Marvin McNutt – WR: I truly don’t see Mr. McNutt making it all the way down the draft to 175 but CBS is saying 180. He looks good as a tall WR, has great hands and would provide competition in the receiving corps. Another pick I would consider going after earlier in the draft.

7. 210. Ron Brooks – CB: He is a fierce player but because of all the talent at CB this draft, his position isn’t glamorous. I like his style and if anything, he will provide depth for the Vikings sickly secondary. This will complete my LSU secondary recruitment and if you can’t sense the pattern, I also am a firm believer in the Vikings drafting Tyrann Mathieu when he becomes available.

7. 223. Blair Walsh – K: Longwell is getting up there and missing more field goals than I am comfortable with. Using this pick to grab a kicker would be a smart choice.

Possible runner-up: Carson Wiggs – K

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