My updated 2012 nfl mock draft

We are already in April and im super excited that the draft is right around the corner. With that being said everyone is updating their mock drafts so i thought id take a stab.

RD 1: (3RD Overall) Matt Kalil- OT 6"6 (Of course the obvious pick but i stand behind the vikings fully with it, i think our line would be definitely improved with a line starting like this (left side to right) Geoff Schwartz, Matt Kalil, John Sullivan, Charlie Johnson or Brandon Fusco, and Phil Loadholt.

RD 2: (35th Overall) Harrison Smith- S 6"2 (with the vikings solidifying their corner back depth in free agency, the vikings are probably going to upgrade their safety depth with the 2nd round. Smith is a play maker that will start from day 1 and be a huge upgrade over our poor playing secondary.

RD 3: (66th Overall) Brian Quick- WR 6"5 (Finally we get a offensive play maker for Ponder. Quick will most likely battle for a starting spot in training camp and win. With his 6"5 220 pound frame he should be able to be someone who can stretch the field as well as being a red zone target

RD 4: (98th Overall) Dwight Bentley-CB 5"11 (Yes id rather see Casey Hayward here but from the sounds of it his draft grade will have him gone by the time we pick. He will be a backup trying to prove himself when giving the chances and could possibly be a really good pickup (only time will tell right?)

RD 4:(128th Overall) Kheeston Randall- DT 6"5 (People might not like taking a defensive tackle being taken this early on but we need someone to replace Kevin Williams whenever he leaves or retires. A defensive tackle lineup in the near future sometime of Kheeston Randall and Christian Ballard could be a decent group of defensive tackles.

RD 4:(134th Overall) Vontaze Burfict- ILB 6"3 (This will solidify the depth of our linebacker core. He could replace Erin Henderson if he Erin doesn't live up to expectations. 2011 stats: 69 tackles, 1 int, 5 sacks, 7 tackles for loss yards.

RD 5: (138th Overall) Matt Reynolds- OT 6"6 (This could be a future starter for the vikings, with a size of 6"6 and a 325 pound frame he could be a replacement for Loadholt if he doesn't do well this year (contract year). Looks 2 be a decent run blocker an pass blocker as he contributed for 5 games in which BYU pass and ran for over 200+ yards. And cant forget made a great block (made him loose his helmet) that set up for a touchdown pass in the Armed forces bowl.

RD 6: (175th Overall) Christian Thompson- S 6"1 (Don't know much about this guy but he would create depth for our weak safeties. Could be a future starter, if pans out well.

RD 7: (210th Overall) Randy Bullock-K 5"9 (Need a replacement kicker for when Longwell's time is up. Don't get me wrong Longwell is a great kicker and I've been a fan of his since he came to Minnesota but he cant afford 2 many seasons like his in 2011, but anyway hes getting up there in age and we are looking to go younger.

RD 7: (223rd Overall) Nelson Rosario- WR 6'5 ( I think we would take him here because of his height and it would create more depth for our receivers. Even though he might never be better then a 3rd or 4th receiver.

Thanks for reading! hope you enjoyed and feel free to leave me comments on what you think.

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