Vikings getting no respect?

First of all id like to say that i think we did a very decent job at the 2012 NFL Draft. We got some names that will be starters and ones that will be on the verge of starting and will be starting on special Teams. I really like Kalil, Smith and Robinson. Yes, we could have got a bigger name WR as I've never heard Of Jarius Wright, but i am impressed. This guy has elite speed and skill as Percy Harvin and will be a great returner/back up for Harvin. But NFL is showing no respect to the Minnesota Vikings by thinking that they will be picking 1st overall in the 2013 draft. Yes it wouldn't be a terrible thing for the fact that we are rebuilding, and the fact that we would have major ammo come draft day since we wouldn't be going after Barkley. But the Vikings are better then people make them.

Wk 1- Jaguars. Prediction: We will win this one. Christian Ponder vs. Gabbert. It might be a close one if Adrian Peterson isn't back and healthy, but if he is back this is a definite win.

Wk 2- Colts. Prediction: We will make this a win as we have never played an away game there. Yes, they now have Andrew Luck but his lack of experience as his rookie year, and knowing that rookies make mistakes. I think our improved Secondary will create turnovers and win this one going 2-0 to start out the season.

Wk 3- 49ers: Prediction: This will be a good match, people will remember how Brett Favre beat the 49ers with that amazing comeback in 2009. But we have a new quarterback in Ponder. It will be close but i see us loosing this one, but who knows maybe our crowd will get the best of them :) 2-1

Wk 4- Lions: Prediction: This will also be a hard match as the Lions did make the playoffs last year. Matthew Stafford to Megatron is almost always a touch down. We do have Chris Cook back who played against Johnson and did very well covering. I think we will still loose but we will go down swinging. 2-2

Wk 5- Titans: Prediction: I see this as a win. Peterson will be most likely back in the line up and very healthy and our run defense will pick up and take care of Johnson. It will be a fight though but our crowd will eat them up :p. 3-2

Wk 6- Redskins: Prediction: Okay this is one we better win. We have been undefeated against them for at least the last 2 years and i see us continuing this streak. Yes they have RG3 but as i said of Luck and the Colts, that he is a rookie and he will make mistakes. He has the skill of 2011 drafted QB Cam Newton and i believe we did beat Cam as a rookie even though he was an amazing rookie. We will create turnovers and run out the time with Peterson in the backfield (they better not intentionally hurt him again this year) Cheap Mother f******. 4-2

Wk 7- Cardinals: Prediction: This is a win. They have lack of a decent quarterback as Kevin Kolb is overrated and John Skelton is a back up QB at best. Adrian Peterson will run over people and Ponder will get our guys down field. And if John Skelton is the QB for this game, our rush defense will put another E in his name and make him a Skeleton. 5-2

Wk 8- Buccaneers-: Prediction: This will be a tough one as they did beat us last year, but we wont give this one away. Improving Ponder will show people he has what it takes to be a winning QB and put up a fight. If Josh Freeman is playing like he did in 2011 (3,592 yards, 16 TDS, and 22 ints) then we will pick him off 1 maybe 2 times and seal this as a win. Making people regret doubting what the Vikings can do. 6-2.

Other 8 Games:

Possible Wins: Seattle Seahawks, St. Louis Rams, Lions?? I think its a possibility that we could steal a game away from either Chicago or Detroit or both. Most likely the games played at the metrodome.

Losses: Packers, Bears, Texans.

Results: We will be a mediocre team, but not the bottom losers of the 2012 season. I am predicting either a 7-9 or an 8-8 season, and maybe even a 6-10. But we will be better then most experts expect. keep the pride strong. SKOL VIKES!

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