Do Over Draft 2012

Let me start by saying Yes, this is early to redo the draft and im also pretty convinced that we drafted some good guys. There is only a few things i would of had done differently if i were Mr. Spielman.

RD 4 118. Nick Toon- WR 6'3. I know we did a good choice by picking a wide receiver here, but it wasn't the name i was hoping for. We Chose Jarius Wright, which in my mind we needed an outside playing receiver and not another slot. Don't get me wrong this guy has some skill and will be a nice addition to Harvin, i just think Toon would have filled in nicely as well.

RD 4 128. Miles Burris- ILB 6"3. Questionable pick here in my mind, when we chose Rhett Ellison. I know we are looking for someone who can block and play a role like K-Sauce did but our defense needed a linebacker earlier then the 7th round. I think Burris could of been a great addition.

RD 4 134. Josh Chapman- DT 6"1. I know a lot of fans were kind of disappointed when the vikings didn't take a DT early on in the draft. Chapman would learn behind K-Williams and whoever wins the nose tackle spot and would be able to contribute once Williams is gone. I expect us to go after a big name DT early on maybe 2nd or 3rd round next year in the 2013 draft.

RD 5 139. Josh Norman- CB 6'2. We did end up picking a different CB here (Robert Blanton) which i don't think is a bad idea at all but I was also all for Norman as being a Viking. His height advantage would give him the extra move on the ball and could contribute snaps behind Winfield.

RD 6 175. Tommy Streeter- WR 6''5. We took a kicker of all positions at the part of the draft. I think we could have definitely waited and Blair Walsh could have been ours as a undrafted free agent or even a different kicker that could have learned behind Longwell. Streeter is raw but working with our wide receiver coach i think that he could be an amazing receiver, not maybe his 1st year but 2 or 3 years down the road, its a risk i would of taken if i was Mr. Spielman. I also will miss Longwell, i think he would have bounced back this year, farewell Ryan and i hope you find another great opportunity in the NFL.

RD 7 210. Nate Potter- OT 6'6. I had us taking a linebacker earlier on so the choice of Audie Cole probably wouldn't have happened here. I was really surprised that Potter dropped into the 7th Round and i believe that Arizona got a steal in the draft. Potter would make Loadholt step up or loose his job, and even if he wouldn't beat out Loadholt he would of been great depth if Loadholt went down with injury, and he would fight for starting position in 2013.

Rd 7 219. Brad Smelley- FB 6'3. I think taking a FB in the 7th round would have make more sense then in the 4th round. I think Smelley (maybe if he does smell then he could knock some defenders out :) lol, sry that's a terrible joke, but i think he could be a good blocker and ball carrier when called upon.

Thanks for reading this. I gave the Vikings a B+ with the picks they chose this year but i would have gave them an A+ if the later rounds would have gone something like this. SKOL VIKES! congrats on getting the stadium approved and welcome to another 30 years at least in Minnesota!!

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