Why the 2012 draft could be special!!!

Matt Kalil: was rated a first round by everyone

Harrison Smith: was rated a first round pick by almost everyone

Josh Robinson: was rated a first round pick by many or at least with

1st round talent and is only a junior and if one more year of college

a number 1 for sure

Jarius Wrigh: t was rated a 3rd round pick

at Rette Ellison: a forth or 5th round but from all you said maybe a

real steal for what he can bring to the Vikings

Greg Childs: if not hurt an easy 2nd round but potentially a first round.

Robert Blanton: maybe went where predicted but could turn out to be a

very good player.

Blair Walsh: some boards had Him rated as the top kicker and seeing

Longwell let go tells Me the Viking really liked what they see in the

Rookie camp that they held

Audie Cole: was in contact with many teams and told anywhere from 2nd

round to Free agent

Trevor Guyton: was rated the 92 and 95 on Mel Kiper and ESPN boards

that would of made Him a 3rd round pick.

I think you have to give Rick Speilman an A+++ for the draft then

throw in Simpson, Carlson, Carr and the other free agents along with

the undrafted free agents they are still working on and I love how

Speilman has taking complete control and responsibility and I believe

He is building a winning team for the future. One more draft for DL,

LB, and RB should make us a very solid team next year for sure !!!!

First of I have purple blood and see the glass always half full. Maybe because watching the Vikings brings me pleasure. I think the draft and free agents were excellent and here are the reasons. Keep this in mind that it is a 2 to 3 year rebuilding program and it takes longer for the secondary, receivers, OL and QB to be productive and at the top of their game than it does a DL or Linebacker. Next year the Vikings should address LB and DL with some good talent in rounds 1 and 2. One more thing team chemistry and leadership qualities are what the Super bowl teams have. Having 5 ND players along with the 2 Razorbacks and USC players will only added to their comfort levels coming in as rookies.

The tight end/fullback Ellison is what the Viks desperately needed when the need an extra blocker for AP because Ellison has great hands and can keep the other team honest because they must keep an eye on him for the pass.. (I think the fullbacks we have now are not pass catchers) Also that he was a teammate with Matt and played on his side is a big advantage and comfort for both of them coming in as rookies from the same team.

The 2 receivers Wright and Childs from Arkansas I think are a steal with Wright speed and I believe Childs could be the best receiver from this year’s draft with his size, leaping ability and speed (I read he ran a 4.38 somewhere.) The fact those 2 guys grew up together and now play for the Viks is huge. The comfort level for a rookie brings in his best friend can only help the chemistry on the team.

The secondary guys from Notre Dame Smith and Blanton that are safeties might be something special for a long time and again the comfort of playing together for years at collage. The Corner Robinson is only a junior if he had stayed in school another year he maybe would have been a first round pick. Sitting a year and learning from Winfield will not hurt and maybe some nickel and dime action sometime this year. Also with the other players from ND it makes for good chemistry.

The kicker Walsh I think was brilliant when I think about it. Longwell did not have a great year last year and is another year older. Kicking into the end zone I believe he would be less this year and if outdoors maybe imposable for him. So to keep the other team starting from the 20 almost every time is a big deal.

The free agent pickup were kept quiet by most but they got a great tight end, a great wide receiver, a solid Guard and lots of roll players for backup and special teams.

The O line went from old to young in 2 seasons and is possible very good. With Matt and Johnson as a Guard and it sounds like He is going to be very solid there from what I have read. It sounds like Sullivan is very solid at center and Loudholt is in a contract year. It sounds like the other guard position is going to be ok with Fusco or Schwartz.

So all in all I look forward to this year and with 1 more draft and free agency (as long as Ponder is the answer) we could have a really nice team for 2013.

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