EDIT: Rankings of 32 Teams by Number of Visitors

I have been thinking of doing this for some time now. Actually I suggested to Mr. Gates that giving out numbers would be much more interesting but then decided I could do it myself...Since I do similar thing as part of my job!

I wanted to go in more depth but am running somewhat short on time so here are the major stats for DN and some other relevant sites (after the jump) -

I cannot give you the whole analysis right now but promise to do it tonight. These are just numbers. Put them in context yourself...for example: Total number of hits is proportional to the date of creation of the blog, big cities = big numbers etc. Leave comments and let me know what information you would like to know and I will try to include that in my analysis tonight.


EDIT: All 32 sites ranked by total number of visitors. I do not know when these websites were created so total number of visits is only a number. Averages is when it starts to get interesting.

Ranking By Total Visits:

1. Kansas City Chiefs 29,298,119

2. Dallas Cowboys 17,979,289

3. Philadelphia Eagles 17,021,214

4. San Fransisco 49ers 16,406,966

5. Denver Broncos 15,535,910

6. Miami Dolphins 12,527,758

7. Indianapolis Colts 12,125,125

8. New York Giants 11,834,201

9. Cincinnati Bengals 10,146,289

10. Detroit Lions 9,369,841

11. Pittsburgh Steelers 9,278,415

12. Seattle Seahawks 8,834,011

13. Saint Louis Rams 8,327,282

14. Minnesota Vikings 7,918,989

15. Wash. Redskins 7,590,692

16. New York Jets 7,063,590

17. Oakland Raiders 6,761,817

18. Chicago Bears 6,604,922

19. Buffalo Bills 6,319,352

20. NE Patriots 6,319,352

21. Green Bay Packers 6,112,139

22. Jacksonville Jaguars 5,882,996

23. Tennessee Titans 5,153,000

24. Cleveland Browns 5,002,164

25. Carolina Panthers 4,915,414

26. New Orleans Saints* 4,479,544

27. Houston Texans 3,928,762

28. San Diego Chargers 3,909,177

29. Baltimore Ravens 3,689,125

30. Atlanta Falcons 3,675,728

31. TBay Buccaneers 3,470,698

32. Arizona Cardinals 3,333,680


Average number of visits per day is one of the ways to determine how active your members are. It takes the time of creation of the website into consideration so total number of visits become somewhat meaningless (except as a milestone).

Rankings By Average Number of Visits Per Day:

1 Kansas City Chiefs 30,965

2 Dallas Cowboys 22,712

3 San Fransisco 49ers 20,812

4 Philadelphia Eagles 20,750

5 Cincinnati Bengals 16,922

6 New York Giants 15,382

7 Miami Dolphins 13,991

8 Minnesota Vikings 13,655

9 Wash. Redskins 13,494

10 Saint Louis Rams 13,243

11 Seattle Seahawks 12,291

12 Pittsburgh Steelers 12,153

13 Denver Broncos 11,776

14 Detroit Lions 10,853

15 Carolina Panthers 9,855

16 Indianapolis Colts 9,814

17 Jacksonville Jaguars 9,739

18 Oakland Raiders 9,738

19 Buffalo Bills 8,314

20 NE Patriots 8,314

21 New York Jets 7,854

22 Green Bay Packers 7,155

23 Chicago Bears 7,146

24 TB Buccaneers 6,498

25 Cleveland Browns 5,479

26 Atlanta Falcons 5,278

27 New Orleans Saints* 4,794

28 San Diego Chargers 4,675

29 Tennessee Titans 4,052

30 Houston Texans 3,996

31 Baltimore Ravens 3,732

32 Arizona Cardinals 2,840


Average length of Visit tells you how engaged your visitors are. Do you check out your website, maybe read headlines and drop-off..or do you spend some time on your blog once you get there and read the articles, make fun of the Saints*, and maybe leave a comment or two!

If the average length of visit is same, then the team with higher average visitors is ranked higher. A website sustaining a higher number of visitors for equal amount of time goes higher imho.

Rankings by Average Length of the Visit:

1 Dallas Cowboys 4:39

2 Carolina Panthers 4:19

3 Kansas City Chiefs 4:18

4 Seattle Seahawks 4:14

5 Cincinnati Bengals 4:07

6 Chicago Bears 3:54

7 Saint Louis Rams 3:47

8 Pittsburgh Steelers 3:38

9 Minnesota Vikings 3:32

10 Buffalo Bills 3:26

11 New England Patriots 3:26

12 Oakland Raiders 3:25

13 New Orleans Saints* 3:21

14 Wash. Redskins 3:19

15 New York Giants 3:18

16 Houston Texans 3:16

17 Atlanta Falcons 3:15

18 Tennessee Titans 3:15

19 San Fransisco 49ers 2:58

20 Indianapolis Colts 2:58

21 Miami Dolphins 2:56

22 Jacksonville Jaguars 2:56

23 Philadelphia Eagles 2:55

24 Denver Broncos 2:55

25 Cleveland Browns 2:55

26 Arizona Cardinals 2:49

27 Detroit Lions 2:47

28 Baltimore Ravens 2:42

29 TB Buccaneers 2:37

30 San Diego Chargers 2:36

31 Green Bay Packers 2:34

32 New York Jets 1:22


I will do a part-deux later with some more number and details but for now have at it folks.

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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