Supplemental Draft and our Safety Situation

Okay, so before the draft it was clear that our safeties were terrible and that might be too nice of a way to put it. Many of us were thrilled, then, when we heard Harrison Smith's name called on draft day. Smith possesses many of the attributes to become a very successful pro for this team for years to come. However, BOTH of our safety positions last year were dreadful, not just one. It seems the general consensus around here is that Sanford needs to be limited to only special teams and that either Blanton or Raymond should come away with a starting spot come week one.

ecoop2 gave some great analysis on on secondary's position as of now, but one thing I did see come up several times was that we are banking one of our future safety positions on Raymond or Blanton who at best will be an adequate starter due to their limited athleticism. This scares me that we are going to waste a year or so giving reps to guys at a position that we are going to have to upgrade in the near future because they simply cannot play up to NFL speed. Don't get me wrong, I really hope I'm wrong about the two, but Raymond didn't exactly strike fear into anyone last year and with Blanton's severe lack of speed (4.67 forty i believe), I have a hard time believing they can do a good enough job to make us a winning team.

This brings me to the next point, which I will admit now I do not know all that much about: The Supplemental Draft. From what I've gathered the supplemental draft basically has teams throw out a round at which they would be willing to take a player in and whichever team has the lowest pick for a given player, they get the rights to that player. However, if a team does select a player they lose that round's draft pick in the next official NFL Draft. This kind of price to pay made last year's supplemental draft result in only one selection in Terrelle Pryor in the third round.
I recently heard news that in this year's Supplemental Draft All-American Safety Baccari Rambo from Georgia might enter into it due to a suspension that is currently being appealed. If the suspension is not revoked, he is likely to heavily lean towards the Supplemental Draft.

The suspension is because of, once again, he got caught with pot in his system.

If he does end up entering the supplemental draft, is he a player you would want to take a shot on? And if so, what round would you be willing to take him in? He seems like a big, fast athletic guy who ran a reported 4.40 forty and is listed at 6'1" 218 pounds. seems to love his skills as his report on him read:

Rambo had an excellent junior season and was one of the nation's leaders in interceptions with seven. He also had 52 tackles with seven passes broken up. Rambo is a physical player with good instincts. He has the speed to fly around the field and get in position to make plays.

If you watched Georgia in 2010, it was hard not to notice Rambo as a sophomore. The instinctive safety always found his way to the ball and was a play-maker. He totaled 82 tackles with three interceptions, three passes broken up and three forced fumbles. Rambo is a talented player who should be a starter in the NFL.

Finally, I'm sorry if this is old news to everyone. I was just really interested in what others thought about it as I see it as a prime opportunity to get a potential star, ball-hawking safety at a discounted price a year early.

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