You Can Breathe Slightly Easier

Again, in our efforts to work smarter rather than harder, here is amiller92's coverage of today's Minneapolis City Council vote about the Vikings' stadium bill. Getting closer, folks. -Chris

Not that it was particularly a surprise, as the vote went exactly as expected, but the Minneapolis City Council just voted 7-6 in favor of the stadium package that was approved by the state. They met as the Committee of the Whole today for almost four hours before finally getting around to the voting.

The yes votes: Samuels, Johnson, Tuthill, Reich, Hofstede, Quincy and Colvin Roy.

The no votes: Hodges, Glidden, Schiff, Gordon, Goodman and Lillegren.

Feel free to thank and/or excoriate them at your discretion.

My report on the meeting, and maybe a half-hearted attempted at an Arif-style draft board for the council after the jump.

Update: As Bjorno points out in the comments, this was not the final city council vote. The official city council action will be tomorrow, but this vote tells us no one has switched sides (yet). I had intended to make that clear, but failed.

The debate was overall pretty respectful. Lisa Goodman got a bit emotional talking about how it was very emotional for her to listen to her emotions that tell her that this deal is bad. I'm giving her a hard time and she made several strong arguments to back her opinion, but I just found it strange how she mentioned that it's so emotional.

Councilman Schiff sought to position himself as the chief stadium opponent, arguing that the deal could have been more favorable to the city and that there is still time because they aren't moving before January, so in his view they should send it back to the legislature for a better deal. He didn't offer the riders that reports said he would, perhaps because amendments were ruled out of order, but maybe they are coming tomorrow. He continued, however, to behave rather strangely in my view. For example, he moved to appoint city council members to the stadium design authority before there was a vote on the overall package. That was odd. Otherwise, he also asked a number of questions and made a number of statements that suggested he just didn't know what was going on. I'm not impressed.

Council President Johnson said it would be nuts to assume that the legislature is going to be friendlier or offer a better deal in January, when no one knows what will happen in the election. Mayor Rybak pointed out that the governor who just spent a ton of political capital on this isn't going to be happy to see the city come back on this next year.

Don Samuels gave what I thought was a powerful speech about how this deal is an investment in the city and important for jobs in his northside community. Diane Hofstede told a small anecdote in the same vein. Meg Tuthill spoke about how the NCAA tournament was a boon to the small business she used to own and how she wanted more events like that.

Okay, I'm not going to do the draft board. I just lied to you to get past the jump. Either that or you guys weren't watching anyway so there isn't much fun in it. Let's just say this: pick the Mayor and Don Samuels.

We're one small step closer to being done, and the list of remaining steps is getting pretty short.

Update: I forgot to mention that Kevin Reich, chief target of those looking to flip a vote into the no column, as far as I noticed did not speak a world other than "yes" during the voting. He picked his words well.

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