The end of the Metrodome will indeed be the end of Mike Lynn

That is, according to an article by Brain Murphy of the Pioneer Press........More after the jump!

I like the smell of a new stadium, no more Mike Lynn, smell's like.......victory!

Apocalypse Now..Ride Of The Valkyries

As something that was mentioned by Chris, I think?, Mike Lynn has still been fleecing the Vikings and it's fans for sometime. Sadly, when he was out of the Vikings organization, he didn't really go away. Just hounded around like Lord Voldemort. While you really never saw him, you knew he was there. It's something he negotiated, or is that extorted?, back in 1979. A deal that allowed him not only a suite, but millions from the Vikings because of that deal, with the Dome.

Family resemblance?

20120621__120624lynncover_300_medium Lord-voldemort_medium

Well, we all know, the Dome's about to end it's life in 2015 when the Vikings move out. And, according to the article, so will Mike Lynn's time and life with the Vikings. From what is gathered, the deal was only while the Vikings were in the Dome. Subsequent owners, according to the article, have tried to by Mr. Money Pit out. But of course, Lynn being Lynn, respectfully declined. Well, I doubt respectfully, probably with a few "F' You" along with other choice words I would imagine.Sadly, this is just one other reason why the Vikings ranked bottom while in the Dome. No, a few million a year may not seem like alot in the scheme of things in the NFL, but paying a known hack artist that money and giving up a suite that could have generated money for the Vikings does after time.

But, as the article states with the legal speak of the contract, it is only good until the Vikings leave the Dome, as it states "such compensation shall be payable to Lynn for the entire period Vikings Development, or its affiliates, successors and assigns, shall be entitled to manage and lease/sell private box suites in suck stadium."

The end of the Mike Lynn saga can't come soon enough.

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