Where In The World Is The Minnesota Viking? - Part 2 - The Thrilling and Revealing Conclusion!

First of all I would like to send a big thanks to my understanding and forgiving parents, my high school teacher in biology, my ex-hated but today beloved sister, my Grandma who swore to beat the crap out of me if I fell of the roof, the guy who told me to calm down at The Clash concert in Brixton back in 1979 and especially all participators in this poll. Particularly you 21.5% who had the energy to show up in the comments-section (but I do love you non-comment lazy bastards fellow Viking friends as well).

As most of you noticed, I stole borrowed this idea from Silver & Black Pride (and they probably recycled it from somewhere else, as they successfully done with quite a few washed-up obscure players through out the years).

I had some vague expectations that I/We could beat the Raiders in votes and comments.That went down the drain…

Then, like a bolt from a clear sky, The One And Only Mr. Gates HimSelf showed me his Love and Appreciation by using his power to transport my Cause from the lesser territory of FanPosts into the Dominions only reserved for the Selected Ones. And it still went down the drain…

Suddenly, in the middle of this dark, sneering mist of defeat, an innocent, hardly noticeable, comment made by my, now life-saving, Viking soul mate "dumdristig" cought my watery reddish eyes ;
Oh, and I don’t feel the need to compete with the Raiders for numbers. I say we go for quality, not quantity. There might be more fans of some other teams, but I think we have the best fans, and that’s better, imho.

Quality, quantity… quantity, quality.. My conquered brain was paralyzed, What does this being mean. Can this simple re-defining of simple words be my Holy Grail. Is this creature an unknown genius? Can he heal tormented minds by just fondle a pretty cheap keyboard? The fog disappeared, the spitefulness was gone, my feelings of shortcoming imploded …like an imploding… thing. I Was Alive! And more importantly; The CAUSE was Alive.

So, what can we read into this not so scientificly secure DN-poll?
There were a few match-ups I was looking forward to see:
Twin City area vs. Rest of Minnesota - 201-218
Twin City area +Minnesota + bordering MN states vs. Another US state – 580-566
Viking countries (including Finland (and they are some Bad Dudes)) vs. Rest of Europe – 56-51
Great Britain vs. Europe (excluded Vikings and Bad Dudes) – 24-27
Canada vs. Oceania – 40-44 (Just kidding, but it was a close fight)

Now I will get into per cent. Per cent is a subject you can use, bend and abuse in all ways (including self-interest). I got my satisfaction when the Vikings + the Bad Dudes demolished the Rest of Europe, so I proclaim myself neutral.
50% out of 301 comments were about where you live (equals 50% non scientificly usable comments, but very fun to read).
This is out of those 50-I-made-a-comment-were-I-live-%;

89% comments was made by US residents.
11% comments was made by non-US residents (shame on us!).
15% of all comments lives in Minnesota.
85% of all comments lives outside Minnesota.
21% of the US-Vikings lives in Minnesota.
79% of the US-Vikings lives in another state.
43% of the US-Vikings lives in Minnesota and bordering states.
26% of another state US-Vikings was born and/or raised in Minnesota.
38% lives in Minnesota or was born and/or raised in Minnesota.
0,0075% lives in Gothenburg, Sweden. Evidently quite a few, but my (soon to be) 3 year old son this day said: Joel också Viking tröja (Joel also Viking jersey). My NFL Game Pass 10% discount on NFL Shop, here we come!
66% of all US states are represented.

State by state comments outcome:
AZ 4, AR 1, CA 14, CO 8, FL 8, GA 1, ID 3, IL 2, IN 2, IA 12, KS 1, MD 3, MI 1, MN 23, MO 3, MT 4, NE 1, NV 1, NM 2, NY 4, NC 3, ND 3, OH 2, OK 2, PA 1, SC 1, SD 1, TN 3, TX 4, VA 8, WA 2, WI 5, WY 1.

Thanks for supporting my "cause", abide me in other posts and ignore that I’m not always sober (like now) when I’m trying to make sense of an absurd thought pinballing inside my head.

SKÅL to us ÅLL!

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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