Your Daily Norseman Roll Call From The Buffalo Game

Again, just for fun, after the jump is your full list of who participated in Friday night's Game Thread festivities. Not quite as many comments as we had for the pre-season opener, but that's fine. . .it's the pre-season for us, too, after all.

Enjoy the list, ladies and gentlemen!

Roll Call: RelicS13, chaosg, cali viking, K0N, DCPurple, 92Y_VikesFan, gerkvoltage, VikesFanSince1967, Wytefang, Grape Drank, YimYames, DonBorvio, REVENGE4WEBB, Mondo Peregrino, All Day, All Night, Rawwr, nadrojchingy808, bf4mvp, Midnight Rambler, survivor4life, BuffaloVikesFan, abba7, drew10, amiller92, Christopher Gates, McCoubs, jolondon, vking1, HolyHibachi, CPondz7, Leland's Axe, DM_Purp, Bjorno, Murgo, bjlillo, Malte, Are we cursed?, SirGrizzly, THORS BLOOD THIRSTY HAMMER, mg7505, Hell Paso Vikes Fan, Norse, CaP'M, TroyW18, Muffrey, dirtyplay, Adam Sorum, DC Viking, cyberuck, Tempslip3, Amrius, sioux1337, berserkerND, TiggerSr, palewook, Shortstmp, PurpleValhalla, Crosseyes, Eric90, RedHat16, Dodger48, Vikant, kagey, whooser, aslakc, jcase0, Lunchpail, Mebera, UGAVike, nmvikesfan, ZygiZag, iowajosh, Sand0

Total Users:
Total Posts: 693
Total Threads: 2

Name # of Posts
abba7 66
YimYames 43
BuffaloVikesFan 42
cali viking 42
92Y_VikesFan 39
Mondo Peregrino 35
HolyHibachi 28
Bjorno 27
Grape Drank 27
Adam Sorum 25
DM_Purp 24
bjlillo 24
vking1 23
drew10 19
Christopher Gates 15
survivor4life 13
Muffrey 12
Malte 10
mg7505 9
VikesFanSince1967 9
All Day, All Night 9
bf4mvp 9
Wytefang 7
palewook 6
Leland's Axe 5
Midnight Rambler 5
DonBorvio 5
RelicS13 4
Murgo 4
K0N 3
Crosseyes 3
DC Viking 3
amiller92 3
chaosg 3
McCoubs 3
Norse 3
gerkvoltage 3
DCPurple 3
aslakc 2
Lunchpail 2
dirtyplay 2
jcase0 2
iowajosh 2
Shortstmp 2
Are we cursed? 2
CPondz7 2
Hell Paso Vikes Fan 2
TroyW18 2
jolondon 1
whooser 1
kagey 1
nadrojchingy808 1
Rawwr 1
Sand0 1
ZygiZag 1
nmvikesfan 1
Mebera 1
UGAVike 1
Vikant 1
RedHat16 1
Amrius 1
Tempslip3 1
cyberuck 1
CaP'M 1
sioux1337 1
berserkerND 1
Eric90 1
SirGrizzly 1
PurpleValhalla 1
TiggerSr 1
Dodger48 1

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