Early Season Vikings "Show Your Colors" deals -An added thanks and ticket offer for tomorrow.

WOW! Can thank those who purchased during the auctions. As of late it seems I have been overwhelmed by where the budget $ is going, to go but, a good part is establishing a fund ro sponsor bringing some wounded Vets for one of 2 events in Minnesota next race season. Be cool to have DN booth there! We have had many locally willing to set up a committee to make the Gopher/Badger half Marathon more of a community festival that will be set aside to bring these guys in. Rochester MedCity Marathon was also on board so where we can accomodate more of these guys with the best community support will be the deciding factor. But the small effortsa few of us made paid off in publicity and even met a lady from Stillwater Courage Center Chapter I met after the race has enticed me into helping get their racing and training programs more organized and loved the ideas we presented to getting this more of a community festival to promote not just bringing in the vets but other disabled "elite" wheelers. Things are looking big for next season for sure.

I have ONE ticket to offer anyone who wants to join Arif, the disabled packer recruit who has now bought season tickets and abandoned his long time Packers affiliation. YESSSS!. So if you would welcome this disabled guy into the "Purple Rhelm" by buying him a dog a pop, the seat is yours. You will be amoung friends and right on the front rail of the upper deck.c1st one to write my e-mail gets it!

We are getting more fund raising options that was presented to us and getting good used Vikings gear is a great way to get some bargain deals to start the season and help you and some of our out of towners. We have gotten some high quailty used Vikings stuff, sweatshirts, old jerseys and canmake them very affordable and you are still showing your horns. I am only going to list this once as a post. As we collect more I will post notice of a news e-mail where I can update you on new deals. Out of town fans-Get stuff here so you don't pay an arm and a leg on line to get some itens and show your Vikings pride! A couple of these are really hot bargains and new!Others are used but we are getting buyers who are shopping for us to get Vikings items in prime conditioned. So here is the list. All purchaces include shipping and guaranteed if you notify us withing a day of geting your item. We are only buying things we would not be ashamed to be wearing public ourselves. So take a look at the list. Newest items are listed 1st and higher in price but still a steal! So here is the list so far- Vikings 50/50 Longsleeve Turtleneck Purple Sweathirt made by majestic, A larger Vikings patch sewn on the left shoulder. It is a short turtleneck that has the Vikes emblem sewnonthe neck. This is a new sweat (no tags) but like brand new-it is really sweet! Price is 24.99 -same as many tee shirts!

The next top item is a Vikings longsleeve poly (I call it coaching wear style) Complete with tags. This one is lighter weight but great for cooler Autumn days. Purple with a yellow design that runs on the front portion from the neck to the armpit area. For you "business style" dressup guys, this is madeby E-Systems. For game day-this is a very smart looking shirt that may land you that hot cheerleader (especially if you have the looks and body build I don't have :-( lol)I know both these sell way higher than these asking prices. OH both are mens large. Like I said. One I know is brand new and I believe the other is or was a store return. Absolutely no flaws and PERFECT!

Next is a Wally World special iron on style Purple Favre, mens large. Was bought used but is in mint condition. NOT STITCHED!Believe me they sell for a tad over 30.00 but this one is only 15.00.

Used Gray sweatshirts and one a cool collectable. Remeber, I am not buying anything I would not wear myself and when it comes to Vikings stuff. I toss faded or badly stained Vikings clothing like a retired American flag.

So this one is a oldie but goodie! Gray Men's XL 1998 NFC Central Champs sweat with "See you in Miami" written below. We were not in Miami but what a year!Large lettering and tho used it is in great condition.13.99

The other is a gray Mens Large sweat With large pronounced Minnesota Vikings written across the front. Just plain "Minnesota Vikings" (lifted emblem) but a clean and nice sweat for the price. 11.99.

Old jseseys. OK- Ya don't have a nice, newer jersey and at least want to show your pride at the pub These are the high quality deep screened that ya just can't get for a decent price anymore. So if on a peanut butter and jelly budget, maybe this will help ya out til ya win the lotto. Again! Both are excellent shape. No cracked numbers or lettering. Old mesh poly style with deep sceen numbers.You can still show your horns, only with an old player.#14 Brad Johnson Mens XL Purple made by Starter and a lot better than the ones you get now days. Then there is an old Golden Gopher favorite ofMine Tyrone Carter #37. Same stle but, made by Puma. Both of these are used but believe me, they look brand new! Super bargain at 12.99.

If any of you are interested remember! All prices include shipping!As we get more I will start ending out a post where I cane-amail a list. All shipping is 1st class mail. If in a hurry your option is to pay the flat ratee of 5.00. All items guaranteed. Read wash directions closely. All these items are officail NFL. Act soon as these are up for sale at special venues. DNers are 1st! All proceeds goto the disabled race funds. We hope tohave a web site upto share inthevery near future. Hope you will check in and be a follower of some powerful stories and interviews of the human spirit. Special thanks to one of our members who has offered to build this for us. If interested act soon and e-mail me at These are being advertised a

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