Players to be cut next??

So as we all saw today August 25th, we have cut our roster down to 75 players. The biggest name i was kind of sad to hear that was let go is LB Solomon Elimimian, because he was a hard hitter but im glad that a rookie (Audie Cole) was able to step up his game and prove he can contribute on this roster. So with that being said next week i believe we have to cut down to 53 players... I'm not going to cut the list from 75 to 53 in this fan post but here is some names i believe should be let go.

WR. Michael Jenkins- I really dont see what Rick spielman sees in this guy, but hes not very good. Yes, I understand we need a veteran to help these rookies out but as you can see Jenkins has not produced well since his nfl career started and he can't stay healthy and when he is healthy he is dropping important passes, I think his time in Minnesota should be over with, lets go check the waivers for a better, more reliable veteran!!

FB. Jerome Felton- Matt Asiata has really done well so far this preseason as our FB (minus the fumble he had on the Charger's 3 yard line. Felton has some baggage he carried with him from Detroit to Minnesota (DUI In McDonald's drive through really??). Time to rely on Asiata and Rhett Ellison (TE/FB) to carry loads this year, no MOAR off the field distractions PLEASE!

DE. Jeff Charleston- With our front 7 being as disruptive as it already is, there is really no need for Charleston. He's a 6 year veteran, and id rather see some younger learning Defensive ends get some more reps. Charleston was basically only a camp body anyway.

RB- Jordan Todman- Todman has unfortunately been dealing with Injury this preseason and Vikings are going to be looking to cut him. When they have names like Peterson, Gerhart, and then FB Asiata and TE/FB Rhett Ellison, i think our backfield will be just fine without Todman, but Todman was impressing before his injury.

WR- Devin Aromashodu- I hate to say this but he is just not good at all. Yes, when he catches a deep ball he can be dangerous, but when does this guy catch? he finally had a preseason catch against the Chargers last night but he had 2 balls that could have been caught against the bills, but he was 2 close to out of bounds. We need to find some more reliable options off of waivers because when you have a young Quarterback that is trying to develop more confidence and lead this team, big drops coming from guys like Aromashodu is going to kill the momentum.

S- Eric Frampton- This guy has been reliable for us on Special teams for years now, from reports though this off season i heard he is not doing as well as he has in recent years. We have other guys right now that is going to step up on special teams and fight for a roster spot, and Frampton with his recent Injury and his declining play, i just dont see Frampton making it through the next cuts. Plus im sorry but he isn't even a serviceable safety if one of our other guys go down. Id rather us pick a safety off waivers for a back up position.

Like i mentioned earlier in this article, im not going to even try to think of who's all going to be cut because i think its really going to come down to our last preseason game. We have a lot of young talent stepping up and trying to win a spot. My roster on here was cut only down to 69, leaving us to cut an additional 16 players. If you see a name that is on this list that shouldn't be feel free to comment or if you see someone that isn't on this list i would also like your opinion on that as well. But as well unfortunately know it isn't up to us fans who stays or goes, that's up to Rick Spielman and the front office. SKOL VIKES!!!

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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