Pre-Season Game Three Roll Call

Once again, for entertainment purposes only, we have your Roll Call for the "game" (if we're still calling it that) between the Minnesota Vikings and the San Diego Chargers on Friday night.

Hit the jump and see where you wound up if you were commenting during the action!

Roll Call: Klomp, HolySchnikes, vking1, Christopher Gates, gerkvoltage, Mondo Peregrino, Sburrillbowen14, iowajosh, Lars in SLP, MNWildcat, viking22, RelicS13, PURPpplEATER, 600car, cali viking, nadrojchingy808, Jeppernaut, MN in Brazil, REVENGE4WEBB, DCPurple, mishary, TroyW18, SpencerN, SkolTroll, MrBungle85, Lunchboxx73, DariusVIII, Adam Sorum, Nick Mac, All Day, All Night, Mel Allen, statue_left, Byakhee, Grape Drank, abba7, danceswithhendobomb, drew10, chaosg, jdeweese569, MarkSP18, PurpleValhalla, mg7505, amigo56, VikesFanSince1967, neojustneo, Jshore, fox1962, gunndle.wittlebaum, freshcollegeboy, SouthSotaPop, Viking_30, reebs, Simitar, DonBorvio, numberonenole, SirGrizzly, Wytefang, AlldayFurore, why am i in omaha, dandyfop, Bobcat m, Amrius, Asher14, suns_shine, nmvikesfan, ZygiZag, Vrooman, Crosseyes, Magazine Writer, everythingispurple, christian220896, cyberuck, los vikingos, midnightwonder, Vikefandc, PurplePortlandian, Jepp The Viking
Total Users: 77
Total Posts: 1203
Total Threads: 2

Name # of Posts
gerkvoltage 116
Grape Drank 109
abba7 80
MN in Brazil 64
cali viking 63
gunndle.wittlebaum 58
MarkSP18 47
TroyW18 46
Mondo Peregrino 39
PurpleValhalla 33
SkolTroll 33
statue_left 31
Adam Sorum 27
600car 24
Viking_30 22
Wytefang 21
dandyfop 21
Byakhee 19
jdeweese569 18
AlldayFurore 17
drew10 16
danceswithhendobomb 15
vking1 15
amigo56 13
mg7505 13
chaosg 10
VikesFanSince1967 9
Lunchboxx73 7
DariusVIII 7
Jshore 7
Simitar 6
SirGrizzly 6
viking22 5
PurplePortlandian 4
Christopher Gates 4
Bobcat m 4
Mel Allen 4
MNWildcat 4
everythingispurple 3
fox1962 3
RelicS13 3
los vikingos 3
reebs 3
Amrius 3
All Day, All Night 3
Asher14 3
DonBorvio 3
Klomp 3
DCPurple 2
Magazine Writer 2
SpencerN 2
cyberuck 2
Jeppernaut 2
Nick Mac 2
mishary 2
Jepp The Viking 1
Vrooman 1
Vikefandc 1
ZygiZag 1
christian220896 1
Crosseyes 1
midnightwonder 1
freshcollegeboy 1
iowajosh 1
neojustneo 1
Lars in SLP 1
nadrojchingy808 1
MrBungle85 1
Sburrillbowen14 1
SouthSotaPop 1
suns_shine 1
HolySchnikes 1
why am i in omaha 1
numberonenole 1
nmvikesfan 1

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