Grime's 53 man roster or some such.

Ok party peeps since there were only ten of these things done so far I felt I needed to make it a prime number.. SO here I go MY idea for our 53 man roster.

Quarterback. I have decided the Ponder era while full of hope held far to many doubts for me. So with the current technology at our disposal we are cloning Tarkenton and Joe Kapp we have taken both of these men fused their DNA together and made TARKENKAPP! Not only is he mobile but he'll chew your face off too! Sorry Ponder in the face of this new possability I just can't see you making the cut, and honestly you are just to good looking and nice to be on a team with TARKENKAPP.

Running back AD. We don't need any back up if he gets hurt we'll just feed him babies.

Ofensive line. Once again we go to the labs! We inject elephant DNA into the linemen making them massive super linemen with a slightly large nose. Best thing about this it they literally work for peanuts. Thank goodness we don't play Miami as I hear they have an odd reaction to Disney World/Land whatever...

MLB: The true reason we brought Singleterry here! Over the years we keep pulling kids out of Florida, have you ever questioned why? I did! Red McCombs was looking for the fountain of Cheap! But instead after long searching they found the fountain of youth, we're going to dip Singleterry in it and just have him play all three line backer spots. Bonus to this is we can have more peeps in secondary!

Secondary. Which we don't need because to cap this off I'm pulling in the dark sith himself, yes I know it's has me all aflutter but we finally got Darth Vader signed to a 40 year contract for a quadjillion glactic credits (whatever that is) and as many people to choke out as he wants to. I told him he could start with the Pack. Also I think I'm going to try to be his MMA agent as well...

Receiver- Ok Detroit had Megatron, well after some seriousl negotiations I have managed to pull out VOLTRON!! Yes not only can they play all the receiving positions, but they also can form into a giant robot of serious butt kicking ability. As an added bonus for the first preseason game they will let me form the head!

I know I left some spots out but honestly I thought it would be best to let some of the other elite DN'rs work out who would fill the D line and other spots. (Although I am thinking about a temporal rift and injecting REAL Vikings into the defensive line.) So what do you guys think if you had your druthers who would you have playing for the Vikes?

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