Pondering Joe Webb

I can still remember the very first regular season game we seen Joe Webb in action, against the playoff contending Eagles and Micheal Vick. Boy did he give us "hope" in a lost season. A 3rd string QB who no one expected to do anything, did more than everyone's expectations. The following year, Favre officially, officially retired and the whole T-Jack thing was ended. There was a little talk of Joe Webb starting the 2011 season. Joe Webb was the only QB on the roster, (or was John David Booty still on the books?) entering the 2011 draft. The Vikings honestly had no choice but to take a QB. Maybe not so soon, but no one can really blame them for that decision. For some odd reason, our staff didn't see last year coming and instead of rebuilding, they brought in McNabb to attempt to give them an edge for a playoff spot. McNabb was brought in shortly after it was declared that Ponder and Webb would have an Equal opportunity to win the starting job. Lets not really get into the results of the outcome of that battle, but just think for a second. How truly impressed must the Vikings had been with Webb to even give him the opportunity to win the starting job. That should tell everyone the value in the FO minds of Webb to this team. Honestly, before falling in the hype of Ponder, I wanted Joe Webb to start last season. Not only because of his play, but because he brings a swagger to this team and he truly deserved it. He lights a fire under the starters when he's playing with them. After every touchdown, he dances it away as if it was his first touchdown ever. Everyone seemed to enjoy Webb.Although I'm one who have used the "relief time" argument against Webb last year, no one still can deny the fact that his performances were nothing less than amazing. This post isn't intended to knock on Ponder in any way, it's intended to sway the minds of those who feel Webb should be cut this season. To this day, there's apart of me that was wishing Joe Webb was starting right now. I understand throwing your apples in one basket for your top pick, but man even Tebow was a first round pick and got replaced his following year starting. Maybe not the best of comparisons, but this team should really look into making the #1 QB spot more of an open competition. Last year, the team gave us hope that, Webb could possibly start this season. All this offseason, Webb hasn't really had the opportunity to take over the starting role. Part of me is hoping that somehow, someway, that Webb sees the field as QB for the most part of this season. I believe in Ponder, but hey man Webb is knocking on the door. I hope the Vikings aren't dumb enough to lock the door and never open it to see who's on the other side. Million Dollar question. If Webb doesn't deserve to start, then how exactly does Ponder deserve to?

I seen some people who have argued that Webb can't throw from the pocket. Well, you should really watch this video. Throughout the video, notice that Webb only runs when he HAS to. Even then, he always keeps his head up looking down field for a throw. Sometimes he even throws under pressure for completions. Enjoy!


Comment that relates to this post by some Guy named Christopher on BR:

Statistically Ponder did not out play Webb or Mcnabb last season. The fact is Webb had the best passing stats of all 3 QB's last season. Ponder was "given" the starting position based on his draft position and the cost associated with it.

Is Webb the better QB of the two? I don't know. But if you like what you have seen of Ponder to date, then the same must be said of Webb.

I also find it telling that some would reduce Webb to a running QB but but don't bother to mention that the equally athletic Ponder runs about the same amount.

And and even better quote:
There is one fix for all of the talk about Joe Webb, let him play.

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