Were we predict the 2012 wins and losses.

Before I get to far into this, I just wanted to say this is my first post here and wanted to say hi to everyone.

Anyway why your all here (hopefully). What I wanted to do is to have you all list your prediction of our wins and losses (by game), then state the final record, and last maybe some thoughts about that game.

Now here is the scedual for the 2012 season:

Week 1/ Home/Jacksonville/ Win


Week3/Home/San Francisco/Loss (On another note anyone else find it odd we play them both in preseason and regular?)


Week5/Home/Tennessee/Loss (ether way close game)

Week6/Away/Washington/Win (assuming that RG3 does not run all over us)




Week10/Home/Detroit/ Win (probably going to be the end of a winning streak)

Week11 bye (What I think will be a great place for a by to get us ready for the final push)

Week12/Away/Chicago/Loss (I see us maybe having a chance but as it sit's now going with the Bears)

Week13/Away/Green Bay/Loss (As much as this kills me to type)

Week14/Home/Chicago/Loss (Hate to say it again but, this one will be tough, with both teams probably fighting for a playoff spot.)

Week15/Away/St Louis/Win (going to be a break from our division rivals, and hopefully I might be able to go to this one)

Week16/Away/Houston/Loss (this is a game that will be fun to watch, thought still thinking a loss)

Week17/Home/Green Bay/Win (By this time the Packers will probably be letting off and the vikings hopefully will be fighting for there playoff lives.)

I have us at a very optimistic 9-7 but, hey it's no fun to go into the season full of doom and gloom. Anyways i'm interested in your opinions ,and picks.

For those who want to play along a copy past version:

Week 1/ Home/Jacksonville/


Week3/Home/San Francisco/







Week10/Home/Detroit/ Win

Week11 bye


Week13/Away/Green Bay/


Week15/Away/St Louis/


Week17/Home/Green Bay/

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