Where Were You? (A Tribute to AD)

<>An old country favorite "Where Were you?" after the 911 tradgedy. After we walked out of the game on Sunday the feeling of that song overtook me as I had just witnessed one of the miracles of any generation in football. You see, not only did I survive a terrible accident, years before I had a terrible knee injury. If you have ever had such an injury, you will know how I felt. It took 4 more surgeries for me to just walk. My knee was never the same. I would cringe every time I thought of AD getting hit and having that knee possibly buckle before my eyes as it did mine. The pain is undescribable. I would not be able to take seeing it.

My only thought was "This is just going to be a cameo appearance". After all, AD is just too proud to make people think he is taking the $ and sitting out. He wants to show folks he is serious about getting better. As the introductions of players took place and the horn had sounded a moment took place that will forever remain in my mind. "STARTING AT RUNNING BACK - ADRIAAAAAAN PEEEETERSON! You would have thought the roof would have come off. When AD took the field there was an enthusiastic cheer but you could tell that many others held the aprehension in their applause yet, it was a brave men they were seeing run out onthat field. "Is this right? Should we really be giving him the ball?" So, after a series we had seen the start of a comeback. After all, AD would not play anymore than one series, Right?

Slowly we saw some carries increase and then we saw unexpected. Something that none of us there, or watching in the Vikings Nation will ever forget. Adrain is handed the ball and crashes thru the wall of Jags defenders and scores! Where were you? Were you watching a miracle in progress? I was standing above the endzone he rushed into. The roof almost came off the dome. This was not supposed to happen, as mush as we wished, it just wasn't what we really expected or believed would happen. I can tell you the noise factor was beyond the noise I heard during the 1987 World Series and there was not even a full house! How many must have wished they had shown up. Arif and I looked at each other with eyes as big as sausers. We were hugging each other and other fans. High fives and fist pumps went down the entire row. The feeling was beyond description. Did we really just see this "Man of Steel" just do what he did? Enough was enough! AD must come out now. We are convinced. PLEASE, do not risk this dear man being hurt again. Can that knee take a full pounding? I just wasn't sure. I am sure I was not the only one. But, I had seen enough to know that in 4-6 weeks this man of extreme heart, courage and a Faith in God, had something amazing and would soon be back to play much more.

What happened the next half was even more of a miracle. The entire lethargic offense came out as if we had signed 11 new players. Ponder showed confidence we had not seen earlier in the game. The O-line was not breaking down as bad as they were,guys had been defending THEIR man, AD, as if he were a new baby some creep was trying to kidnap. "You touch AD after the tackle we will peel you off like as if you were an orange in a starving homeless mans hands.They made this clear early but not ready for what was going to happen. They had made the point. NO ONE is to touch our leader. NO ONE!

Adrain had done enough. He had scored to keep us in the game. Surely we had seen the miracle . But, we were due for an encore. Adrain was given the ball and took advantage of every chance. There was no fear. He ran like a deer and with the power of a Brahma Bull. He kept us moving and the offense kept getting more efficient. Then it happened. The unthinkable. Adrain Peterson rushes for touchdown number two. This time the "unreal" feeling was gone. The crowd went into a thunderous roar. The "mighty lion" had caught his prey. In the endzone we remember a picure of a man on his knees with his arms outstretched as if he had just been given a gift from God Almighty. ( I believe this was his moment of thanks). Adrian Peterson had scored again! This time it was pandimonium! I was there and as we went totally mad, I saw women crying. I would have to admit I too , as well as, many other men had the same tears welling up in their eyes. It was a feeling I will never experience in sports again! My hero was still alive and well and..playing in the purple of my beloved Vikings. He was not a has been player only good for a few carries. He had surpassed Robert Smith as the all-time Vikings rushing leader just to put a cherry on the sundae.

As things looked hopeless with 27 seconds to go, how could anyone be leaving? We had just seen a true athletic miracle. I had the feeling there was no way this team was going to lose. Christian Ponder would become 2 minute Tommy gun. He would make this a Tebow-like moment from as if it were a replay of a Broncos game from last year. Was I right. Well. "Where were you there?"Did you stay in front of that TV or go out and have a beer. did you give up or was there a renewed hope in your heart that a new breed of Vikings was about to emerge?

If you felt those feelings you would have never left your seats. You would see an unbelievable push down into field goal range. At least range that would take a small miracle by a young rookie kicker. Were you convinced that a miracle was still in the works.?I did. Sure there were some faint thoughts yet I stayed. Deep down I knew something was going to happen. AD had his fellow Vikings believing. Suddenly they were all believing in miracles. We stood and watched the 55 yard kick by Blaire Walsh go solidly through with room to spare. As overtime came we again drove downfild and another FG gave us a lead that now was just a defensive uprising away. AD had done his job, the offense did theirs, despite a last ninute go ahead TD on a secondary ( I mean Cook) breakdown. We were just 4 plays from completeing a day of miracles. As you know now, the D gheld off a last chace hope by The Jags who by then just knew that in no way was this glow from the "Jersey28" that blinded the eyes of the Jaguars players offered them no hope. No team on earth was going to deny the "Miracle in Purple" Purple Jesus as many call him did his thing. Was it him or did Jesus really have a hand on His son Adrian. Believer or not, you just saw a miracle and you just knew it.

I WAS THERE! I hope you were there as it came through your TV and were healed from the doubt that maybe Purple Jesus had come to life again. He had returned in all his glory. We stand amazed even the days after. I now believe that anything can happen this year and it won't be short of a miracle. We will look back to this day and know that on this day the tide turned, 2012 disasters must wait. Adrain Peterson had turned this team around for the season.

PS Was I in doubt? I told my friend Ben it was proboly not a good idea to start AD on his fantasy roster. I denied him a Fantasy Football victory and the chance to brag about having Adrian be a part of his miracle day but...he lost. He will never stop from starting AD again! Foolish me!

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