Your Roll Call Thread For The Vikings/Colts Game

Still working on a bit of a recap piece from this afternoon's action, so in the meantime, here's the roll call from today's festivities.

Despite the issues with the "malware" and what have you, the threads were still pretty active today, racking up nearly 3,000 comments from 146 different users.

Enjoy the roll call, ladies and gentlemen, and we'll be back with more later!

Roll Call: Christopher Gates, Nefarien, statue_left, Valhalla or Bust, Jeppernaut, Purpledork, manuel.niederl, abba7, hognuts, vikingfanfrom afar, Grime, angryguy77, Adam Sorum, Ted Glover, Darth Paxton, Alittlemore_cowbell, Jepp The Viking, SouthernNorseman, MN in Brazil, KJSegall, Arif Hasan, Dodger48, JethroBoViking, Eric J. Thompson, REVENGE4WEBB, vking1, Mondo Peregrino, Gonzo2, SkolTroll, cwy2190, 600car, RelicS13, danceswithhendobomb, blighty_boy, Hell Paso Vikes Fan, VikinginCalifornia, cali viking, ADJM, THORS BLOOD THIRSTY HAMMER, hickenizgriz, MrBungle85, Quarem, valhallas_own28, Wytefang, Landonio, Victor-E, dirtyplay, K0N, throughthecities, keskinz, Mebera, Byakhee, PurpleValhalla, Olbrannon, Murgo, Midnight Rambler, B Rad, Chris464, cyberuck, Gjallarhorn, Malte, FFXVIKE, VikesFanSince1967, SDVike, Curtis2012, Crosseyes, rj-b, just another viking, cdubs3201, PurpleX, Vikefandc, UnBannedVikingholic, hoegher, Murlock, jcase0, TroyW18, Mattatron, free7694, blowfishes, HolyHibachi, Chriswisser, beauch, ratskan29, mattnmics, Jimbobb, tkone, chasenu, gunndle.wittlebaum, viking22, neojustneo, Muffrey, Greatness39, _clifton_, Shortstmp, AlldayFurore, Oompa Loompa, Bboc6830, rukiddn, Timothy Bryce, BoneDaddyUSA, crawdog, PURPpplEATER, All Day, All Night, AustrianViking, Ryan Aeschliman, 6612, Improvor, Pro-American, Shawn Gillogly, survivor4life, jdeweese569, Nayak29, memphis viking, AT-360, Vikingfan22, stuman55, warrior80, kcskol, wyovike23, Spoolinup, amarcks, MarkSP18, Randytheviking17, Zach_Bodenner, urluckyday, christian220896, Zoxide, loldotcom, Wasnt69WashedUplol, why am i in omaha, Admiral BigGun, SpencerN, vike0din, Black Metallic, bringbackthigpen, freshcollegeboy, Mr.Cub22, tkar99, los vikingos, CCNorsemen, muffin man, liveforadrenaline, onebarrelrum, jjlovesfootball, midnightwonder, numberonenole
Total Users: 146
Total Posts: 2981
Total Threads: 4

Name # of Posts
ADJM 157
Wytefang 132
abba7 126
statue_left 105
MN in Brazil 104
Purpledork 103
danceswithhendobomb 99
VikinginCalifornia 74
KJSegall 72
SkolTroll 65
Landonio 63
Ted Glover 59
600car 58
Murgo 57
Dodger48 56
Eric J. Thompson 56
Victor-E 54
manuel.niederl 54
Ryan Aeschliman 49
Jimbobb 47
cali viking 45
Alittlemore_cowbell 45
B Rad 43
Byakhee 41
Muffrey 40
Crosseyes 40
K0N 38
AlldayFurore 37
Chris464 37
Arif Hasan 35
SouthernNorseman 34
VikesFanSince1967 32
kcskol 30
Adam Sorum 29
Chriswisser 27
Curtis2012 26
TroyW18 26
UnBannedVikingholic 26
just another viking 25
cyberuck 24
Christopher Gates 21
Hell Paso Vikes Fan 21
Mondo Peregrino 21
hickenizgriz 20
viking22 19
keskinz 19
cwy2190 18
JethroBoViking 17
blowfishes 17
Mattatron 16
free7694 16
vking1 16
cdubs3201 15
rukiddn 15
angryguy77 14
tkone 14
RelicS13 13
BoneDaddyUSA 12
gunndle.wittlebaum 12
blighty_boy 12
Darth Paxton 11
Mebera 11
Malte 11
Quarem 10
Vikingfan22 10
Bboc6830 9
Midnight Rambler 9
stuman55 9
Shawn Gillogly 8
wyovike23 7
jcase0 7
mattnmics 7
Improvor 6
christian220896 6
Oompa Loompa 5
Jeppernaut 5
Murlock 5
PurpleX 5
Spoolinup 5
Gonzo2 5
loldotcom 5
PurpleValhalla 5
HolyHibachi 5
Randytheviking17 4
amarcks 4
Valhalla or Bust 4
survivor4life 4
Zach_Bodenner 4
Vikefandc 4
ratskan29 4
AustrianViking 3
MarkSP18 3
los vikingos 3
Black Metallic 3
Admiral BigGun 3
SpencerN 3
vike0din 3
hoegher 3
Greatness39 3
Nefarien 3
SDVike 3
vikingfanfrom afar 3
MrBungle85 3
Shortstmp 3
Timothy Bryce 3
Grime 2
rj-b 2
Gjallarhorn 2
CCNorsemen 2
tkar99 2
bringbackthigpen 2
Jepp The Viking 2
warrior80 2
beauch 2
neojustneo 2
_clifton_ 2
All Day, All Night 2
Nayak29 2
jdeweese569 2
AT-360 2
onebarrelrum 2
hognuts 1
numberonenole 1
midnightwonder 1
freshcollegeboy 1
jjlovesfootball 1
liveforadrenaline 1
Mr.Cub22 1
muffin man 1
dirtyplay 1
chasenu 1
memphis viking 1
Pro-American 1
6612 1
Olbrannon 1
throughthecities 1
Zoxide 1
Wasnt69WashedUplol 1
valhallas_own28 1
urluckyday 1
crawdog 1
why am i in omaha 1

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