Down the Hatch

The answers to both why Elgar has not written sooner and what happened on Sunday, the second day of autumn, (IMHO) appear below.

You see, sometimes when you believe something is coming that will leave your adversaries dazed, the best thing for a devoted fan to do is not to write about it on a football blog and thereby let the cat out of the bag. This particular cat was a thing called the trap game.

I knew that some fools wanted to start firing people. They wanted to fire Frazier, and even bigger fools think that is not enough, and they wanted to throw Musgrave under the bus as well. I have yet to read that book about how a team actually won a Superbowl by executing enough football coaches with large motorcoaches. My take is different, perhaps because I witnessed that the first NFL pass a rookie named Matt Ryan threw was a touchdown, and I remember who his QB coach was.

The Trap Game had been coming up repeatedly on my virtual magic Eight Ball since the loss to the Colts on a long Vinatieri field goal. You see, in my view, the 49er point of view--aided and abetted by articles proclaiming the Vikings were 1-1 against two of the alleged worst NFL teams--was that they had beaten these purple clowns in preseason, had beaten those over-vaunted Packers, and had also beaten the "vicious" Lions.

Are you old enough to know the steps to the ancient cakewalk? The next dance will be like taking candy from a baby, no matter how much coach yells. (You do know he yells at everything, don't you?) The prognosticators on the NFL Network were unanimous in saying the 49er's would win. In fact, some pundits were drooling that the prospector-devoted team was the best thing in the NFL, allegedly, bar none. Add to this bloated, bubbling brew of babble that Erin Henderson had been reported in the injury list as being knocked into the middle of next week, so that he cannot even play, and there you have it folks: pride goeth before a fall.

Yes, well, the cakewalk, my dear slaveholders, is not in fact all as simple as you think it is.

The moral of our story is not for Vikings to get overly exhuberant by this victory. Cats indeed do bite and can scratch your sparkling eyes out, as many a misguided dog has learned.

The Vikings earned this win, no matter what the replacement refs were trying to do. The ancient Greeks tell us that Sisyphus was punished for his hubris by being sentenced to see his big stone escape him as he neared the summit repeatedly, as a learning experience. A word to the wise is sufficient, but don't assume you are in that category.

Sure, the reader perhaps knows Sis taught the gods themselves not to gloat, either. Our expectations should be labelled as hazardous materials.

In closing, please keep in mind what the native New Yorker said when asked by the tourist how to get to Carnegie Hall: "Practice, man, practice."

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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