Christian Ponder: The Vikings very own elite QB?

Correspondant Mad Chad of The Bleacher Report defines an elite quarterback as follows. "Elite quarterbacks should have good stats, which includes good yards per attempt, completion percentage and quarterback rating, along with touchdown to interception ratio." Mad Chad also goes on to list five QB's that meet his criteria. Eli manning (New York Giants), Matt Ryan (Atlanta Falcons), Michael Vick (Philly Eagles), Philip Rivers (San Diego Chargers) and finally Drew Brees (New Orleans Saints). Certainly the elite status of these QBs is for the most part a matter of fact. So, is it foolish to compare Ponder to these heros of the grid-iron? Lets find out.

Before we go any further, there is one more QB that I can think of that needs to be included in this comparison and it is the legendary Brett Favre. For me personally Ponders play this Sunday during the upset against the 49ers reminded me of a young Brett Favre in many ways. Maybe I have had too many beers. Either way, I am the one writing this article so deal with it. Another point I need to make is this. 2012 is the first season that Ponder will (hopefully) start week one through week sixteen. He has had the benefit of a full training camp and has been preped to start from the onset of the season. As such it is only fitting that I compare Ponders stats to the first complete seasons of the afor-mentioned elite six. Of course I realize that there is a lot of ball to be played yet this season. Lets see how our young QB stands up to the humble beginnings of six of the NFLs best as well as their current 2012 week 4 stats.

First full season stats:

Ponder-(2012 week 4) PCT= 70.1% Rate= 104.9

Manning-(2005) PCT= 52.8% Rate= 55.4

(2012 week 4) PCT= 66.9% Rate= 97.1

Matt Ryan-(2008) PCT= 61.1% Rate= 87.7

(2012 week 4) PCT= 70.1% Rate= 117.6

Michael Vick-(2002) PCT= 54.9% Rate= 81.6

(2012 week 4) PCT= 59.1% Rate= 66.9

Phillip Rivers-(2006) PCT= 61.7% Rate= 92.0

(2012 week 4) PCT= 73.8% Rate= 110.7

Drew Brees-(2002) PCT= 60.8% Rate= 76.9

(2012 week 4) PCT= 55.4% Rate= 71.6

Brett Favre-(1993) PCT= 60.9% Rate= 72.2

(2012 week 4) N/A

In summary: Ponder beats everyones numbers so far for first complete season. (again, much more football to be played yet this season) Tied for second in this group for PCT and third for passer rating so far in current week 4 numbers. (numbers courtesy of and current as of 8PM central 9/23/2012)

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