Vikings Are Back!

OMG. Raji, look at that team.

It's so... run oriented! scoffs

They look like one of those 9ers-style offenses.

But, you know, who thinks they can win with one of teams? scoff

They only talk about them because they're in our division.

They look like a total B1G team, K?

I mean, their quarterback... is so... "efficient."

I can't believe he just checks down.

I mean... gross. Look!

They're just so... PURPLE!

I like big WINS!

And I cannot lie.

You other fans can't deny.

When Percy takes it deep from within his space

and gets SPRUNG!

Wanna start early and be tough

And you know that Megatron'll be stuffed.

Deep in the end zone he standin.

You're hooked and you can't stop cheerin.

Oh, PERCY! I wanna get wit ya

And sign your extension!

My GM tried to warn me

But that talent you got make me so SKOL-Y!

Oohh, Robinson on Megatron

You say you wanna cover him one on one?

Well cover him, cover him.

Cause you ain't that average d-back!

I seen Lions dancin'

To hell with dem predictshans.

We should sweat, yet

Got'em beat with 2 turbo jets.

I'm tired of ESPN,

Sayin' Stafford is the thang.

Take the average DN man and ask him that,

Our QB's gotta be able to come back!

So, DNers! yeah! DNers! yeah!

Has your QB thrown a pick? Hell no!

Tell em to hand it (hand it), hand it! (hand it!)

Hand it off to AD!

Vikings are BACK!

(Smilin' face with a Terminator demeanor)

Vikings are BACK!

I like to win and win big.

And when replacements' screwin' Green Bay,

I just can't help myself, I'm postin' like an animal:

"That ain't no scandal!"

I wanna get the Titans at home

And UGH, rope a calf, UGH UGH!

I ain't talking about Raji,

Cause overweight Packers are made for State Farm!

I want a D real mean and nasty.

So make dem receivers hear footsteps.

Megatron's in trouble.

Gator-armin when safety's on a double.

So I'm lookin' at Arif videos.

Knock-kneed kickers,

Get blocked down low.

You can keep them weirdos.

I'll keep Warcraft and Walsh, dontcha know?

A word to the NFC Northers, I wanna warn ya early.

I won't troll or spite ya.

But I gotta be straight when I say I wanna (SMASH!)

Till you hear the gun!

Vikes got it goin' on.

A lot of Saints* won't like this song.

And I'd rather wanna see clean play.

Cause it's been long. But I've been strong.

And I wanna hoist the Lombardi long!

So, Skol ladies? yeah Skol ladies? yeah

If you wanna roll in my tailgate parade. Then jump around! Shout a lot! Even Bears fans gotta shout...



Yeah, baby... when it comes to Sundays... Dilfer don't got nuttin to do with my selection. Score 24 give up 36? Ha!

Only if you play in the Superdome.

So your team is publicly owned, waving rings around like a gymnist.

But Rodgers insured against Allen!

My Mayhem don't want none unless you got Allstate, son!

You can do flag routes and comebacks.

But please don't think you'll win.

Some analysts wanna play that "hard" role

And tell you that the Purple ain't gold.

So they pick against them and leave it

But I take their bet and cash it!

So Dilfer says our qb ain't got the stats.

Well I ain't down with that!

To the chromedomes dinks in the cheap suits,

You ain't it, Mr. Man!

Give me a Purple not a Derple!

AD running over those who don't miss him.

Some knucklehead tried to diss,

Cause the Vikes ain't on his list.

He had the game but he picked against them,

But I pick 6'd and won with them!

So, NFL, if the team is strong,

and you want a Super Bowl throw down?


And kick Percy that ball.


This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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