It's The Battle Of The Backup Running Backs!


This weekend, when the Vikings take on the Jaguars, two of the most exciting running backs in the NFL will be on opposing sidelines.

Where they'll probably spend most of the day.

Maurice Jones-Drew and his ill-fated holdout offered him no new money and relegation to the third down back role this coming Sunday. And more than likely, a season long battle against hamstring teaks and muscle pulls. Your legion of fantasy football owners, myself included, want to thank you for that. Well played, Mauer. Peterson, still on the comeback from his Christmas Eve partial Culpeppering, will be a game time decision. And if he does play, his role, according to head coach Leslie Frazier, will be 'limited'. At least this week. Unless Frazier is slow rolling us, which is possible.

So the game will largely hinge on two unproven and inexperienced quarterbacks the play of the primary backup running backs, Rashard Jennings and TOBYSMASHTOBYCRUSH Toby Gerhart. So how do they compare? Who has the advantage at the position now? Do most people even know who Toby Gerhart and Rashad Jennings even are?

Let's take a look at the Tale of the Tape, after the jump.










Toby Gerhart









Rashad Jennings









*Advantage, as determined by me

So, who has the advantage? Let's break it down by category:

School: Advantage, Gerhart. Liberty is a nice school, but Stanford wins. Advantage: Gerhart.

NFL Experience: Advantage, Gerhart. He played under Jim Harbaugh, and that's like already playing in the NFL, y'all.


Yards: Advantage, Gerhart. You might look at Jennings' allegedly superior yards per carry, but that's actually a disadvantage. Gerhart can't go more than four yards without wanting to knock the Hell out of someone. Jennings runs out of bounds and avoids contact.* That's because he cheers for the Taliban.*

*I have no idea if this is true. I'm completely making it up to fit my story narrative.

Rushing TD's: Advantage, Gerhart. You're probably scratching your head and wondering how Gerhart has the advantage if Jennings has more rushing TD's. It's simple--Gerhart knows his role, and let's Adrian Peterson score whenever Adrian Peterson wants to, and is good to fantasy football owners. Rashad Jennings, on the other hand, doesn't give two hoots in Hell about you or your fantasy team. That's because Rashad Jennings takes his cue on fantasy football from Maurice Jones-Drew.* And he cheers for the Taliban.*

Again, probably not true. My story, my made up facts.


Receving Yards: Advantage, Gerhart. This is fairly close, but only because Toby Gerhart wants it to be close. Because Toby Gerhart loves America. Rashad Jennings does his off-season training in a Taliban terrorist camp.*

*This is so not true.

Receiving TD's: Advantage, Gerhart. Toby Gerhart has an INFINITE amount more TD receptions than Rashad Jennings does. It's almost like having a superpower. Heck, let's just say Toby Gerhart does have superpower. Rashad Jennings doesn't have a superpower.

So, as you can see, Toby Gerhart is by far the superior backup running back in this case.

In all seriousness, Jennings and Gerhart are both quality back ups, and both could probably start on several teams. How these two guys play will go a long way in determining who ends up winning. I really do like Gerhart a little bit more here than Jennings, because I like the chances of Minnesota being able to run the ball a little bit better than Jacksonville. I won't be surprised at all if Gerhart tops 100 yards rushing Sunday and has a TD on the ground.

At least I hope he does. I'm starting him on my fantasy team.

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