Fantasy Football Teams

This is a thread for people to post their fantasy teams and to receive feedback from other members. I'm interested to know who my fellow Daily Norseman fans view as good/bad picks especially in late rounds. I'm fairly new to fantasy football but here is my roster and my value (what round i picked the player in)

Cam Newton: Round 1 Pick 4

With several other players on the board, (Calvin Johnson, Rob Gronkowski) I went with Newton because I feel the kid is going to be unstoppable this year. He's like a much better Michael Vick with more pocket presence and awareness.

A.J. Green: Round 2 Pick 17

My buddy actually talked me into this pick, I don't know how good of value I got but he's projected to be very good. And I figured with Dalton in his second year it couldn't hurt.

Vernon Davis: Round 3 Pick 24

With all the elite TE's off the board in Gronkowski and Graham, the next best one I thought was Davis, I just thought of last year in the NFC Divisional and NFC Championships games, on one of the biggest stages of his career he got massive yards.

Trent Richardson: Round 4 Pick 37

This pick I was pretty pissed because the guy right before me snagged AP. I'm taking a massive risk with Richardson with other proven RB'S on the board like Ahmad Bradshaw.

Mike Wallace: Round 5 Pick 44

I really wanted DeSean Jackson here but once again the guy right before me snagged him, but I forsee another great year for Mike Wallace anyway.

Jeremy Maclin: Round 6 Pick 57

I took DeSean Jackson's teammate and Philly's second string, with other WR's on the board like Eric Decker and Greg Little in terms of other value at this point.

Aaron Hernandez Round 7 Pick 64

I consider this my steal of the draft. In my buddy's ESPN draft right before this one, Hernandez went somewhere in the third so with NE running the two TE set, I jumped on him here.

Baltimore Ravens Defense: Round 8 Pick 77

Great defenses off the board like SF who went in the third round, I felt I good semi-good value for a team that almost knocked off the Pats last year in the AFC Championship Game.

Toby Gerhart : Round 9 Pick 84

One of the Vikings Sleepers in the draft who will probably be playing a lot the first half of the season this is a solid pick.

Matt Schaub: Round 10 Pick 97

This guy throws for like 4,000 yards every year and with a wideout like Andre Johnson I figured this was a safe pick.

Darrius Heyward-Bey: Round 11 Pick 104

The speedster on the Raiders caught passes for 970 yards last year, this year he's can only get better.

Kyle Rudolph: Round 12 Pick 117

After this year, people will have to consider Kyle Rudolph one of the most dangerous TE's in the game with his ability to catch almost anything in his area code.

Blair Walsh: Round 13 Pick 124

I took a risk on our rookie kicker here, all the good K's went somewhere between Round's 6 and 7

Mario Manningham: Round 14 Pick 137

Randy Moss went in the 12th, so I picked up Manningham and I expect him to get somewhere in there 600 to 700 yard range in recieving this year.

Minnesota Vikings Defense: Round 15 Pick 144

Last pick. Why not. Our defense is going to be much better than people expect this year.

That's my draft, so any feedback is appreciated, like I said I'm new to the whole FF thing! Thanks!

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