Your Jaguars At Vikings Roll Call Thread

Man, you folks came through in spades as far as participation in our first Game Threads of the year were concerned. We racked up 2,638 comments from 130 different users across the four Game Threads we put out there today, including nearly 1,200 in the thread for the fourth quarter and overtime alone.

So, after the jump, feel free to check out the roll call and where you ranked in the comments. Enjoy!

Roll Call: Christopher Gates, KJSegall, UnBannedVikingholic, statue_left, revenge4tjack, CCNorsemen, cyberuck, RoloVike, Lunchpail, Hell Paso Vikes Fan, Purpledork, MarkSP18, hognuts, abba7, viking22, manuel.niederl, Purplemachine69, Jeppernaut, vking1, Seracon, IlinoisVike, iowajosh, PurpleValhalla, Grape Drank, NMVike, Luft Krigare, Mattatron, vikedawg, Norse, Nefarien, Teddy1216, PURPpplEATER, mjmrad, free7694, papaspud, drew10, SDVike, MN in Brazil, cali viking, Landonio, Koller007, Eric J. Thompson, bf4mvp, Simitar, RelicS13, Bjorno, KD1, MJDMOJO, Dodger48, why am i in omaha, REVENGE4WEBB, danceswithhendobomb, ArizonaVikingsFan, Shortstmp, MMar83, Crosseyes, Ted Glover, MrBungle85, vikingfanfrom afar, PurpleEaters, Murgo, amiller92, Norselord, Amrius, liveforadrenaline, PurplePrideforLife!, Zach_Bodenner, Jimbobb, IL PurpleRain, survivor4life, PurpleX, emeyenburg, Chris464, Curtis2012, VikinginCalifornia, Byakhee, Improvor, MychalShannon1, Zoxide, Anonmon115, B Rad, darren004, SouthernNorseman, viking_#28, rukiddn, Randytheviking17, dthompson, dirtyplay, Lunchboxx73, DCPurple, Ryan Holmseth, DangerDale, Loki Loves Purple, Supabad1edy, SkolTroll, palewook, Muffrey, Darth Paxton, VikingsAllDay, Simply_Greatness, prockstar03, Midnight Rambler, neojustneo, gerkvoltage, DaRange, dandyfop, blackjackfishtaco, Greatness39, memphis viking, Kellumbear, K nap, THORS BLOOD THIRSTY HAMMER, SouthSotaPop, angryguy77, Kevin Kraczkowski, VikesFanSince1967, loldotcom, wehrkampjr, speedlod, Shawn Gillogly, beauch, Lumber Company 79, vike0din, PurplePortlandian, ArmyViking, New Century Silver, whooser, tkar99, JethroBoViking, HeavyMetalViking
Total Users: 130
Total Posts: 2638
Total Threads: 4

Name # of Posts
Landonio 223
Koller007 217
Purpledork 124
PurpleValhalla 121
danceswithhendobomb 112
MN in Brazil 98
statue_left 96
IlinoisVike 93
VikinginCalifornia 83
Eric J. Thompson 71
abba7 60
SkolTroll 57
KJSegall 54
Christopher Gates 44
manuel.niederl 42
Amrius 42
UnBannedVikingholic 38
cali viking 37
drew10 37
Simitar 35
Midnight Rambler 34
Muffrey 33
Byakhee 29
gerkvoltage 29
SDVike 26
Murgo 26
bf4mvp 26
liveforadrenaline 26
Hell Paso Vikes Fan 23
Jimbobb 22
Kellumbear 22
palewook 21
Norse 20
MychalShannon1 19
Ryan Holmseth 19
amiller92 19
KD1 18
Improvor 17
Ted Glover 17
Randytheviking17 15
neojustneo 15
blackjackfishtaco 15
prockstar03 14
MMar83 14
PurplePrideforLife! 13
SouthernNorseman 12
Curtis2012 11
dthompson 11
Lunchpail 10
mjmrad 10
Crosseyes 9
MrBungle85 9
MarkSP18 9
Chris464 9
viking22 9
Zach_Bodenner 8
K nap 8
Bjorno 8
DangerDale 8
PurpleX 7
DCPurple 7
vking1 7
vikingfanfrom afar 7
free7694 7
B Rad 6
Anonmon115 6
Mattatron 6
papaspud 6
ArizonaVikingsFan 6
RelicS13 5
Simply_Greatness 5
emeyenburg 5
DaRange 4
Loki Loves Purple 4
dandyfop 4
rukiddn 4
angryguy77 4
Shawn Gillogly 4
CCNorsemen 4
Shortstmp 4
Jeppernaut 3
revenge4tjack 3
Supabad1edy 3
cyberuck 3
VikingsAllDay 3
survivor4life 3
tkar99 3
dirtyplay 3
Nefarien 3
vikedawg 2
memphis viking 2
Kevin Kraczkowski 2
vike0din 2
speedlod 2
wehrkampjr 2
VikesFanSince1967 2
Norselord 2
Zoxide 2
Lunchboxx73 2
viking_#28 2
Darth Paxton 2
PurpleEaters 2
darren004 1
Lumber Company 79 1
Dodger48 1
PurplePortlandian 1
beauch 1
ArmyViking 1
HeavyMetalViking 1
whooser 1
New Century Silver 1
hognuts 1
JethroBoViking 1
Seracon 1
Greatness39 1
NMVike 1
Purplemachine69 1
why am i in omaha 1
Teddy1216 1
IL PurpleRain 1
Grape Drank 1
Luft Krigare 1
iowajosh 1
RoloVike 1
SouthSotaPop 1
loldotcom 1

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