FatherHood the Armchair GM Edition

Hello fellow Norsemen(and Norseman.... Skol Girl)
My wife gave birth to our beautiful son last night at 11:14pm. She did a truly amazing job.
I have to tell everyone I can. :)
I have been a silent stalker of our beloved fan site for many a day now. This is mostly due to the fact that I cannot post on DN from my phone since the Sb conversion.
So, I must first start by paying homage to the past season. I was just like all of you from the start, expecting 5-8 wins tops, but our sly Norsemen did something that few of us expected.
As I evaluate our team moving forward I feel we compare favorably to the championship Giant teams Ny has fielded in years past. Our team must run the ball effectively, and our front 4 must beat their men in order to win. Both teams have 3 good DE's, Weak Lbs, and an average at best secondary.
Any who....Thats how I view our team.
Holes that must be addressed-WR#1, ILB
Holes that should be addressed- NT, SLB, G
Holes that may be addressed- DT, RT, WR#2, RB(speed)
Holes that I would address(In my order of importance)-NT, WR#1, ILB
F/A signings in and out of house
-Extend Percy Harvin
-Resign Phil Loadholdt
-Extend Everson Griffen
-Resign Jerome Felton
-Resign Geoff Schwartz
-DO NOT Sign Dwayne Bowe- I do not feel the Risk/Cost/Reward is sufficient, unless he will sign for 3years or less.
-Release(or trade if anyone will offer anything at all) John Carlson
-Resign Jamarca Sanford
-Restructure/Extend Jared Allens deal if possible.(If not possible, still keep him)
-DO NOT Resign A.J. Jefferson( He has the ball skills of Benny Sapp)
-Resign Jerome Simpson to a 1 year deal, if he seeks longer, do not pursue.
-Do NOT RESIGN D.A, Berger, Sherels, Sendejo, Mitchell, Brinkley, Henderson

I would like to be the first(as far as I know) to express interest in filling our MLB spot with Colts MLB Pat Angerer. And no its not because he has the coolest name since Solomon Elimimian. No its not because I am a huge Iowa Hawkeyes fan. Its because while playing in a 4-3 defense his rookie year, he was arguably a DROTY candidate hidden on a foul record team. He has in fact played in a similar defense to what Minnesota has run for 5 of his last 6 years in football. He is smart and a faster LB in coverage that we are used to. He also may be had fairly cheap as Indy begins to realize he is their 3rd best MLB for a 3-4. I think a 5th or lower is plausible.
So far, this is the only trade I could endorse. Although I haven't dug into filling G or DT with another teams backup.(I find those are the best value trades.)

1.Keenan Allen or Best Interior Lineman available on offense or defense
2.Justin Hunter or Patterson or Best Interior Lineman available on (opposite of 1st)
3.Shane Skov (I believe he would be a Solid SLB) OR Robert Woods
4.Joseph Randle-RB( wAt? a RB after AD hit 2k? Randle will be a star, he has that extra gear, and shows outstanding hands for a RB)****
4.Micah Hyde-CB Iowa( He shows good ball skills, tackles well in the open field, and is familiar with our defense.)
5.Anthony White-NT
7.James Ferentz-C Iowa( Yes another Hawkeye, he is a smart, technically sound, and Could Convert to G.)

The two picks are open because I am not sure which one Arizona will get as part of the A.J. Jefferson trade.
I would give the other 6th for Angerer, but may go as high as a 4th with a 7th back.

****I don't mean to knock Purple Jesus, he is without a doubt the best RB that I have ever seen play. But you must wonder how much longer he will last. Having said that I hope he plays 17 years and finishes with 25,000 yds.

Its hard to Judge whether replacing Simpson, or Johnson would have a bigger impact on offense or whether replacing Brinkley or Guion would help more on defense.

I like Guion over Brinkley and Simpson over Johnson.

Well, that's what I would do.

But the again if I had it my way we would have ended up with Ted Ginn instead of Adrian, Fairly instead of Ponder, and Marvin Mcnutt instead of Blair Walsh........I trust Rick to do a better job.
Don't like my assessment of our beloved Vikings?
Hate my Draft?
Helpful tips on Fatherhood?
Discuss in Comments

As always Skol VIkings!

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