2013 Offsesason plan

Before I go through my entire offseason plan I would start with a quick apology for mispelling words, as english isn't my first language. - A little this isn't the shortest story, but won't be the longest either.

Regarding the salary cap, which vikings players will become free agents and much more detailed information you can go and check out MarkSP18 excellent piece of work right here.

the whole salary cap situation and which free agents i can retain and which free agents I can sign is a bit difficult to figure out and what kind of contract they deserve, however I'm going to give it a shot, otherwise I would be leaning on Marks' deals for as much as possible.

Firstly I would resign these free agents of our own before the free agency starts:

Jerome Felton. 4 year deal 11 mil, 3.5 mil guaranteed and a signing bonus of 1.5 mil, that will place him amongst the top FB in the nation, but not in the mold of a Vonta Leach who does more than just block.

Phil Loadholt would I also resign and I think Marks' suggestion with a 6 year 27.5 mil, 11 mil guaranteed and a signing bonus of 7 mil, will get the job done.

The last 3 Vikings players I would contact regarding their current situations are: Jared Allen, KWill a Percy Harvin. I will Kwill's contract and have him get a 2 year 8 mill, 2.5 mil guaranteed and a signing bonus of 1 mil. I have no Idea what kind of contract Jared Allen will be offered, but a contract extension that will lower his cap number for 2013 will be needed if he should be kept on the team something in 2013. Lastly there is Percy Harvin. Even though he has been trouble for the Vikings as of lately he still is one of their most dangerous weapons and was nearly the sole responsibility for Vikings not corlapsing in the early going when Peterson wasn't his former self. The deal is going to be a 5 year 48 mill, 27 mill guaranteed and a signing bonus of 9 mil.

I would try to nogotiate with the following and if the demand to big contracts conserdering the contribution, I would let them test the market and bring them back if they don't drawn much interest:

Jamarca sanford, Erin Henderson, Geoff Schwarz.

Erin and Geoff would be brought back at similiar deals as they got last season, a 1-year, depth kinda prove it deal, low money. Jamarca Sanford would if possible be brought back with a 3 year deal.

Our restricted and exclusive right free agents: A. J. Jefferson, Marcus Sherels and Andrew Sendejo would be kept for depth and competition once going into training camp.

Now begins the real free agency, and like Rick Spielman I'm not going to get a lot of new free agents, and the main focus will be young and upcomming players with something to prove, there likely won't be dealt big contracts out this year, as I also think this team will be built through the draft. Also I think free agency is very import to built depth and competition going into next year, as the vikings did last year with getting 2 corners in for competetion. The first surprise right out of the bat will be:

1. Matt Moore. - This is a guy who not only will bring competition to christian ponder but will be a reliable backup. Matt Moore won't take a long year deal, but the current situation without a top notch QB in place will be a good enough situation for him to eventually look for a place to start. This situation is the best in his case during the 2013 season. (could go to cleveland / kansas city as well, but chances are they want a new young QB) He receives a 1 year 2.5 mil deal, nothing guaranteed, and a signing bonus of 0.5 mil.

2. Desmond Bryant 4 year deal, 24 mil. (see MarkSP18's numbers)

3. Deandry Levy 3 year 14 mil deal

4. Brad Jones 4 year 14 mil deal

5. cut Charlie Johnson, sign Louis Vasquez to a 5 year 20 mil deal.

now comes the draft.

1. round 23rd pick. Chance Warmack. OG, Alabama

This is a dream scenario and would most certantly not happen, however sometimes talent falls due to simply being a guard. therefore I think Chance Warmack is simply too good of a talent to pass by, this will have the vikings O-line being one of the best in the entire nation.

2. round 56rd overall pick: Corderrelle patterson, WR Tennessee

A very raw, but interesting prospect who could be going either higher or lower depending on how much knowledge he shows in combine meeting as well as how his atheltic numbers also. He's been mocked anywhere from the middle of the first round to the beginning of the 3rd. Vikings are in dire need of a playmaker on the outsite and hopefully Patterson will be just that.

3. round 85 overall, Cassius March DT UCLA

Not a name that everybody knows, but still a very capable DT that could develop under the wings of KWill, I think he could surprise a lot of people and become a very good DT for Vikings going forward.

4. round 99 overall, Jonathan Bostic, LB Florida

a very solid LB prospect to compete during training camp for the middle LB / Weakside LB. Hopefully vikings won't go into next season with Brinkley and Henderson next to eachother, that posses a liability.

4. round 117 overall Terry Hawthorne CB Illionis

He was very solid in the early going of the year, but later on had a seroius concussion, that might cause for a bit concern, but he a very fine prospect to select at this point.

5. round 149 overall Devin taylor, DE South Carolina

a prospect to grom under Jared Allen, Brian Robison and Everson griffen, not a bad set of mentors. We will perhaps lose a great DE next year and therefore we need to add some depth late in the draft.

6. round 167 overall Ron Powell, OLB Florida.

Vikings has a weird trend selection players that fits together (2012 draft: Kalil + Ellison, Smith + Blanton, Wright + child) the trend continues this year with a pair of LB from Florida.

7. round 199 overall (swap with cardinals) Aaron Mellette, WR Elon

a real sleeper pick who in a 1 or 2 really could develop into a solid receiver. Could also contribute early in the mold of stephen Burton with nice size to be a blocking wr, not much else to say this late in the draft.

last pick 213 overall. Zeke Motta, S Notre Dame

Gotta know Rick Spielman is going to pick someone from Notre Dame and he doesn't want to pass on this safety prospect.

Also gotta add, I'm not going to look into UDFA, simply too complicated for me. But look for vikings to add some in the following positions: RB, OL, TE and DE

Now to the lineup:


Pos. - first - second - third - fourth

QB, C. Ponder - M. Moore - J. Webb - M.B. Thompson

RB. A. Peterson - T. Gerhart - Matt Asiata -

FB - J. Felton - R. Ellison

TE - K. Rudolph - J. Carlson

WR. P. Harvin - J. Wright - C. Summers - L. Brown

WR. C. Patterson - S. Burton - G. Childs - A. Mellette

OT - M. Kalil - D. Love

OT - P. Loadholt - K. Murphy.

OG. C. Warmack - B. Fusco

OG L. Vasquez - T. Holmes

C - J. Sullivan - J. Berger.


DE. J. Allen - E. Griffen - G. Johnson

DE. B. Robison - D. Reed - D. tyler

DT. K. Williams - L. Guion - C. ballard

DT. D. Bryant - F. Evans - C. March - C. Bakers

LB. C. Greenway - A. Cole -

LB J. Brinkley - J. Bostic - T. McKenzie

LB E. Henderson - R. Powell - L. Dean

FS. M. Raymond - J. Sanford - Z.

SS H. Smith - R. Blanton - Z. Motta

CB. A. Winfield - B. Burton - G. McCoy

CB. C. Cook - T. Hawthorne

CB. J. Robinson - A. J. Jefferson - M. Sherels

Special Teams:

K: B. Walsh

P. C. Kluwe

LS. C. Loeffler

That would be what I would have done, obvoiusly there will be some additions with undrafted free agents, let me know what you think

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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