Season Comparison

Sorry for the shitty formatting. It looked good when I wrote it haha.

I saw on twitter Vikings Fan Page posted some of Ponder's stats from both the 2011 and 2012 seasons and it got me to thinking about the rest of the players and units on the team. We all know the team performed much better all around, so lets see why. All stats from

Ponder: I won't compare total yardage, TD's or INTS since he played more games this year than last, but here is the rest.


2011: 54.3 6.4 153.5 4.5 4.5 70.1

2012 62.1 6.1 171.9 3.7 2.5 81.2

Peterson: We know he's a beast, I will just show his improvement from what he should have had last year had he not been injured to the amazingness that he was this year. (all calculations done by me. If they are wrong, slaughter me in the comments)

Att Yds Avg 20+ TDs Yds/G Fum 1dwns

2011(full 16 gs) 277 1293 4.7 9 16 80.8 1 65

2012 348 2097 6.0 27 12 131.1 3 85

Harvin: This time, I will use what he would have gotten this year if he hadn't been injured compared to what he had last year.

Rec Yds Avg TD 20+ Yds/G YAC 1dwns

2011 87 967 11.1 6 14 60.4 537 45

2012(full 16 gs) 110 1203 10.9 5 14 75.2 944 64

Rudolph: Hey, he completed 16 games both years! Although he wasn't starting last year, he still played in every game.

2011 26 249 9.6 3 3 16.6 102 14

2012 53 493 9.3 9 5 30.8 273 34

Now I will move on to some of the specific units, starting with the o-line.

In 2011, our wonder of a line allowed 49 sacks for a total of 298 yards lost. Ouch. They did however do well in the run game where they blocked for rushers who accumulated 2318 yards and scored 18 TD's. They also avg. 5.2 yd/carry and got 118 first downs.

2012, the new and improved version only allowed 32 sacks for 184 yards lost. They also blocked for a rushing attack (mostly AP) that picked up 2634 yards on 5.4 yards/carry, scored 16 TD's and picked up 113 first downs.

Defense: In my eyes, this group showed the most improvement, but lets see what the stats say...

Sack YdsL TLoss PDef INT DefTD FF FR Blocks PYAllowd RYAllowd PassTD RushTD QBR

2011 50 342 56 50 8 0 20 15 1 4019 1712 34 10 107.6

2012 44 284 47 71 10 3 19 12 4 3908 1692 28 10 92.3

Kicking: We all know Mr. Walsh is an upgrade for Longwell, but how much so?

FGM FGA PCT Long 50+ XP%

2011(Longwell) 22 28 78.6 53 2-3 97.4

2012(Walsh) 35 38 92.1 56 10-10 100

Now for penalties, first downs, third downs and such.

Tot1stDown 3rdDown% 4thDown% Pen PenYds Opp1stDown Opp3rdDown% Opp4thDown%

2011 297 38.4 38.9 109 908 332 44.2 55.6

2012 306 37.1 63.6 90 830 345 41.3 55.0

Overall, I think we showed marked improvement over last year in most areas. This was a great year for the Vikes, and with another decent draft, continued improvement from our young guys, and solid play from our Vets, there is no reason next year can't be any better. SKOL!

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