A Gutsy Off-Season Mock Conceived from Nostalgia

First, let me just say this is probably more of an example of how NOT to run an NFL team. However, it sure as heck would be a lot of fun to see things go down like this. Also, sorry for the formatting, I still am trying to figure out how to use all the options in these.


First, get me some Dwayne Bowe. Remember another receiver who supposedly had too much quit in him? When things start going well and keep going well as we win next year's Superbowl, Bowe won't be complaining! Instead, he will be bullying D-backs all around the league as he has shown he can do.

Next, resign Loadholt. We need at least one mountain of a man who just doesn't seem to reach his full potential on our line, right?

Now I want to get Daryl Smith. I miss the reliability of old, under-rated Leber patrolling the weak side of our front seven. Smith has been somewhat under-rated throughout his career as well, and although an injury risk, could give us that same, old consistency we've been missing.

Obviously, since this mock is driven largely by nostalgia, I need to see both Jared Allen and Percy Harvin with extensions so they keep doing what they have been doing for the past few years.

I wish I could, but I just don't see a Steve Hutchinson type player becoming available to us. So as much as I think we could use an upgrade at guard, if its not gonna be a Hutchinson, I don't want him! (So says my heart)

Just to try to be realistic, we will renegotiate KWill's contract. (I don't want this mock to get too out of hand)

I realize this isn't all of the free agency moves that will need to get done, but who remembers all the great back-ups of the Vikings anyway? (Although I'm sure some of you do, but that's not the point)

Moving on...

2013 Draft:

Pick 23: Jesse Williams, DT, Alabama

It's not every day that a team can come across a great run-stuffer, just look at the group of guys we've tried to put in there since Phat Pat left. But you know what is even more rare than that? When that elite run-stuffer has WILLIAMS on his back!

TRADE! Since the Vikings will win next year's Superbowl, why not trade next year's 32nd pick for this year's 37th pick from the Bengals who already have a first and second rounder besides that one.

Pick 37: Kevin Minter, LB, LSU

Anybody miss EJ's pro bowl/pro bowl caliber years at our MLB? Yeah, I thought so. Minter could hopefully jump in and be that hard-hitting beast I and most of you have come to miss.

Pick 52: Sylvester Williams, DT, North Carolina

Yes, The Williams Wall that we all came to love a handful of years ago will be rebuilt with the addition of the relentless interior pass rusher out of NC!

Pick 83: Quinton Patton, WR, Louisiana Tech

As we piece together our once dominant receiving core from the past decade and a half, we have our receiver with an attitude and quit who can be dominant, our enigmatic and already borderline legendary Percy, a young speedster to develop, and what are we missing? I hope people are thinking our soon to be HOFer with some of the greatest hands ever, CC. Judging by some scouts, they seem to think Patton might have those same great hands and under-rated athleticism to complete our core.

Pick 99: Brandon Jenkins, DE, Florida State

I am growing concerned we will lose one of our three stud DE's by the end of next year. I want to fix this problem by grabbing a risky fourth rounder who showed great potential but will fall due to (not immaturity!) an unfortunate injury. Grabbing another quality DE here a la Everson Griffen would give depth and flexibility when we face tough decisions next year.

Trade! Not nearly as exciting as the last, we trade pick 117 to someone for a 2014 third so we still at least have some decent picks next year.

Pick 149: Shamarko Thomas, SS, I'm not really sure

What I've read is he was a ferocious hitter at the Shrine practices. I'm kinda thinking we won't be able to keep Sanford. So why not get another big hitter with an awesome name to take his place?

Trade! Same story as before; can't really think of anything I miss or will miss that I want to replace. Trade pick 199 for future sixth.

Pick 213: Greg Reid, CB, Valdosta State

So, apparently Reid had no good fortune this last year at all. After getting the boot from Florida State he tried to do the right thing and playing at Valdosta State. (I didn't know such a place existed either) Instead of pulling a Janoris Jenkins he tears his ACL early in the year. I'm thinking he drops a lot but the Vikings can snag our replacement for Winfield if he ever looses access to the fountain of youth.

I did try trading Toby, but I think I would miss TOBY SMASH after every bruising run just too much.

And there's the highly unlikely results of where my nostalgia would take this team. I hope I didn't completely waist your time because this little trip was pretty fun to take down my short-lived memory lane. I'd actually really like to see what some of you older fans would like to see the team try to re-create from the glory days with younger players.

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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