The All-Williams Mock

Yes you read it right, this is the All-Williams mock. I figured that since mock drafts this early are pretty much a crapshoot, especially for a team that is picking so low, I'd make a themed mock. The theme for this mock is the last name Williams. (Edit) I have included tape for everyone I could find it for.

#23: Terrance Williams WR, Baylor-The type of receiver the Vikings need. A tall fast guy who is very dangerous on deep routes as he has the ability beat CBs with his speed and route running or use his size to go up and get the jump ball. He is also a willing blocker (always helpful when your team relies heavily upon its run game and a receiver who produces a ton of yards after the catch) and has very good (almost Cris Carter like) ability to stay in bounds on sideline catches. Video

#54: Jesse Williams DT, Alabama-The Vikings need someone to be a presence alongside K-Will if they want to become the one of the NFL's most feared defensive lines again. What better way to do that than by reviving the Williams Wall. Jesse Williams is athletic for his size and he does a nice job of commanding double teams. He is better against the run than he is rushing the passer, but constantly forcing the opponents to double team him would help to open up more opportunities for our pass rushers. Video

#85: Shawn Williams S, Georgia-Is safety likely to be the most important need in Round 3? No. Would Shawn Williams be the best player available at #83? Likely not. But still, he represents pretty good value here and could easily become the starter next to Harrison, besides this is the All-Williams Mock dammit and so Shawn Williams it is. He is 6-1 217, very similar in size to our own Harrison Smith. From what little film I saw of him (and keep in mind I am no Mark or Arif) he seems to be a good tackler who can navigate traffic and get to the ball carrier. This makes him good in run support, as evidenced by his 10.5 tackles for loss in his two years as a starter. He was also solid in coverage and flashed the ability to make splash plays, but he seemed somewhat prone to breakdowns in judgment which can leave wildly him out of place and allow big plays. Video

#101: Brandon Williams DT, Missouri Southern State- At this point it is beginning to get harder to find prospects who fit any of our team needs, who would be likely to go around the position I have them in, and (most importantly) whose last names are Williams, but I will persevere. the Vikings will soon need a DT to replace the aging Kevin Williams and while I personally like Ballard, it is never a bad idea to bring in competition. Williams is a D-II guy, but he left Missouri Southern as their all-time sack leader (as a DT) with 27, that went along nicely with his 52 career tackles for loss. Williams was also named to the All-American team his sophomore, junior, and senior seasons as well as being named by his as division as their Defensive Player of the Year and the National Defensive Player of the Year by Beyond Sports Network. If that doesn't earn a D-II guy a look at the next level, then nothing should.

#119: Kerwynn Williams RB, Utah State-The Vikings may look to move Gerhart this offseason, because, while he is a very good running back (I think he could start for quite a few teams in this league), he just isn't a perfect fit for us. We already have one legendary RB, what we really need is a nice third down guy. Williams could be that guy. Right now Kerwynn is pretty low in a lot of draft prospect rankings, but I expect that to change. He projects to be one of the fastest RBs coming out this year and he made a huge impact at Utah State. Not only was he the Aggies leading rusher with 1512 yards, 6.9 yards per carry, and 15 TDs, but he was their second leading receiver with 697 yards (just about 30 less than their best WR)and 5 TDs. That wasn't his only contribution in the passing game either; for how small he is (5'8" 196) he looked like a very good and willing blocker, both in the backfield and downfield. Seriously, just go watch some film of this guy and tell me he wouldn't be worth at least a late 4th rounder. From what I saw of him, I would equate him to the Patriots RBs: pretty good on the ground with the ability to gash teams as an extra receiver. Video

#140: Michael Williams TE, Alabama-Michael Williams is an excellent run blocking tight end with the athleticism and skill to be serviceable as a receiver. His receiving numbers were relatively pedestrian (24 catches for 183 yards and 4 TDs his senior year), but having him, Rhett Ellison, Phil Loadholt, and Jerome Felton all on the field at the same time would make runs to the right a breeze for AD.

#199: Vince Williams MLB, Florida State-Listen, I don't like taking an MLB this late any more than you do, but if you want to go out and find a better MLB with the last name Williams, be my guest. His stats really are not that impressive (after becoming the starter in 2011 he had 113 total tackles, 11.5 Tackles for loss, 3 sacks, 5 passes defended, and 1 Int; for reference, those two year numbers are almost exactly the same as Alec Ogletree's just 2012 stats), which is surprising, because, after watching a bit of tape on him, he looks pretty good. The film I saw showed a guy with a high motor who played fast for LB and had a good ability to sniff out the play and cut through traffic to get to the ball carrier. He also looked solid in coverage. Now, obviously to have the unimpressive stats that he did there must be some flaws in his game, and, while it was not necessarily highlight film, what I watched didn't really show any bad plays. Still he's a Williams and what I saw showed that he at least has some potential. P.S. He was invited to the Senior Bowl, so we'll see what he does there. Video

#215: This is it, the last one *drumroll* and the last Williams is.....Steve Williams CB, Cal-Honestly I don't know much about this Williams; I couldn't find any film, not even any highlights, but that could be because no one expected him to come out after his junior year. From what I can tell, he wasn't a star at Cal, but was a solid player and had he played his senior season, he may have found himself projected higher than the late 7th round. He has played since his redshirted freshman year and started since his sophomore year. Since he began starting he has had a very respectable 120 tackles, 8 tackles for loss, 21 passes defended, 2 forced fumbles, and 5 INTs. He seems like an absolute steal if we could get him here. The only problem I'd have with taking him is that he is a small speedster in the mold of Robinson at 5-10 185. But if he were available here, I still wouldn't hesitate to jump on him.

So that's it. That is the All-Williams Mock. Honorable Mentions go to Sylvester Williams, Brennan Williams, Nathan Williams, and Tourek WIlliams. Even though the criteria was ridiculously constricting, there is a good crop of Williamses this year, and I honestly wouldn't be completely horrified if this was what the Vikings ended up doing. Sure it leaves an MLB replacement up to the chance that a 7th rounder will develop into a starter, completely ignores guard, only picks up one receiver (albeit my personal favorite at the moment (but only if we can get him in the second round, I don't think Williams is worth a first rounder), but for what it is, I don't think it is too shabby. Creating this thing was quite a journey for me, as I came into this only knowing about Terrance and Jesse. I found the others by spending quite a bit of time cross-checking multiple big boards (I used Walter Football, Draft Countdown, Draft Nasty, and NFL Draft Scout)to find the Williamses and find out where they might go, then looking up their stats and watching some film. This was my first real foray into scouting players myself, I had previously sat back and let others like Mark and Arif, among others, do it and then sound smart by using what they had said about the players. The players from this mock that I actually think the Vikings should attempt to get, assuming the situation is right, are Terrance Williams (again, I like him as a second rounder, not sold on him in the first), Kerwynn Williams (I am super excited about what this guy could bring to our team), and Steve Williams (I don't know very much about him, but with the way his stats looked, he seems like he'd be a great value pick in the 7th round). I would also be fine with us picking up Jesse Williams (although in a real mock DT would likely be my first pick and it is likely that there would be better DTs than Williams on the board at #23), Brandon Williams (a fourth round flyer on this guy could pay off big time), and Vince Williams (from what I saw, there is something there, but I sure would like to know what his flaws are). Michael Williams and Shawn Williams sound okay, but we have much more pressing needs and I think we could find better players at the same positions at the same time I had us picking them.

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