Mock Draft -- All Senior-Bowl Edition

now that the Senior Bowl is done, figured it would be fun to put together an all Senior Bowl mock. a couple of these guys already showed up in my first offseason plan, and will likely remain in my post-Combine mock (with the return of some guys like Michael Carter, woot!!)... but for now, off we go:

Rd 1: WR Quinton Patton, LA Tech -- after a great showing during SB practices, there's no way Patton falls to us in the 2nd rd, even with all the junior WRs set to make an impression. even if we get our pick of the entire WR litter, i'd take Patton over everyone else. he looks like the total package with a personality that will shine in the locker room, and i emphasize again his downfield blocking will be coveted by this coaching staff.

Rd 2: LB Khaseem Greene, Rutgers -- while our need at the Mike is arguably greater than the Will, our need for a Nickel LB exceeds either position. personally, i could live with Brinkley in the middle for one more season on a prove-it deal, with Greene taking over on the weak side. hopefully he could step up right away being thrown to the wolves, and let his coverage skills (former Safety, boys and girls) and zone awareness shine as the Nickel LB.

Rd 3: CB Leon McFadden, San Diego State -- didn't play in the game due to a mid-week injury, but impressed scouts early in the week nonetheless. should fit right in with our defense, and even with our improved secondary, we need as much talented competition as we can get with Winfield nearing the end, Cook in a contract year, Robinson still developing and Jefferson not looking the part.

Rd 4 (via Lions): DT Brandon Williams, Missouri Southern -- big boy from a small school (6'2", 341lbs) -- still needs some work despite impressing later on in the week of practive, but he's a guy i'll be keeping my eye on at the Combine. and you gotta love our track record with DLineman in the 4th, right?? a revamped Williams Wall in the making...??

Rd 4: RB Mike Gillislee, Florida -- Mark's recent mock got me thinking how we would fill Toby's shoes if we traded him. Gillislee was impressive and if he's available here, we'd have a solid pick if we decided to trade Toby in his final contract year.

Rd 5: LB Nico Johnson, Alabama -- didn't think i'd go without mocking a middle LB, did you...?! probably wouldn't start and may not even be the long-term answer -- but then again, Brinkley likely isn't long-term either. might as well have a backup plan in case my one-yr Brinkley proposal doesn't work out.

Rd 7 (via Cardinals): some Senior Bowl players are bound to drop, but it's anyone's guess who would slide this far... BPA

Rd 7: again, BPA

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