QB - IQ for NFL

All year i have been for who ever can get the job done with the Impression CP7 has been the best choice,

I like Joe and have always hoped he could do better and bring fear to any D because at the time of the Tjack he showed some promise . but as time went on he started to have the same issues, of making good reads guickly digesting and remembering what that secondary did the last time he tried the same play he is about to call again .
And this is the big make or break of QB in the NFL ! This is what separates the Payton Mannings the Bradys and all the other great QBs in the past . It is no secret Payton eats sleeps and shits game film and is the poster boy for comprehension and processing of this information on film to the rest of the offense.

And if backup QBs took more of this approach as they wait to play it would be easier for them to come off the bench when needed, and it would help to compensate for lack of field time and a good backup should should be able to adjust during the course of the year to play more like the starting QB. and not expect Offense to change just to suit his quirks, its just like any job if you want to advance you might have to change your style of doing things, the Company is not going to change for you ! unless your the best thing since sliced bread or Payton Manning your a backup you do what is needed to help the team you conform to the structure if you want to play !

I think NFL films would have a movie/reality show of the decade if they had a camera and mic on Payton 24/7 as he prepares for a game and then mic him during the whole game to see how he will use this information, controls the huddle and calls plays . Shit they could probably put it on pay per view and make a fortune .

There should be rating that is posted after the combine and use it throughout their career for QB -IQ and setting the bar with Payton at 110 % ! And this would give everyone a better idea of what to expect especially the fans out there that are clueless on what it really takes to be a franchise QB should be !
And not just a strong arm ,mechanics and good legs for running , yeh 20-30 years ago it used to be enough if you had at least one good deep threat but now the defenses are smarter and faster and it comes down to that QB-IQ to beat them and the more a QB runs is a bad sign that he cant read PERIOD !

Yeh Mr.Gates is right about a Running QB and a Mobile QB but there's also the run to save your ass QB because you cant read the D along with stand and hold the ball too long because i cant read the D quick and get sacked QB .

And shows he hasn’t put in the kind of time a Payton Manning type of player has in getting ready for a game its more than waiting for the coach or the OC to give you a game plan even as a back up you need to be proactive every week on every team . After that game last week Joe should have grabbed a couple guys and head to practice field for 3hrs throwing balls or at least start watching film and be the first one in on monday and new years day knowing that CP7 was hurt and their could be a chance of playing and not wait for coaches to tell him .

And after preseason I tried to point out I felt Joe had a little better QB-IQ than Tjack and that’s one reason we hung on to him but he had more to worry about than competing as the starter he was going to have to compete with MBT just to be #2 because physically they are about =, MBT could be stronger and we saw the the rope the kid can toss and it could be fitting that he wears #4 maybe he is project they are grooming for future as they kept him over Rosencopter and had to pay him anyway .
Unless they can get trade value for Joe I see him sporting horns again but as a 2or3 is uncertain but if his contract is up they cut him and pick another in the 5th , 6thor 7th round to put pressure on MBT .
I hope the best for Joe but competition is tougher and he didn’t do himself any favors yesterday.

I dont think they would ever do this because it would come across to much like a insult and mess up their confidence but it would show us the learning curve the team is dealing with.
Payton Manning 110%
Brady 105
Breese 95
Rogers 90

Luck 80
Ponder 75

RG3 75
Vick 60
Webb 55
Tjack 50

just to name a few

And we have seen how well running has worked for Vick!

and one projection when Payton quits quarter backing and becomes a coach, and its hard to believe he wouldn’t, he will make majority of the coach’s look like Homer Simpson

I’m still on the fence with muskrat but I’m happy on this year , better than expected looking forward to the fresh blood to come and hope that Sugarmans magic works on Childs and Percy’s ankle don’t become a chronic problem .

For everyone clamoring about getting another QBOTF you might as well relax its not going to happen any time soon unless they get him gift wrapped from another team or find a miracle pick in the 4th,5th,6th or 7th rounds in the next couple years. As long as CP7 keeps improving and avoids major injury he will be the man until his rookie contract ends and then decide if he is the Franchise QBOTF as it should be. So like it or not just suck it up !

And for the time being we keep rebuilding and hope for the best regardless how they get them when they pick them where they pick them who they F/A sign or trade for First Priority is at least'' ONE TALL DEEP THREAT WR ''not made of glass that will start next year.

2nd Priority O-line i cant figure who the real problem is there aside from a couple stupid penalties The big Load has been doing better this year and having the boxed stacked every play hasn't made it easy for any of them either, ok so maybe priority #1 might fix this if the O-line isn't getting Bull rushed by 10 guys every play.

3rd Line backers like 3 John Randles

4th D-line another Pat W WALL type please


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