Another WTF moment with Frazier and Co.

Okay, so I pop around a couple of sites for my football information, primarily DN for Vikings news, and I also occasionally read the tripe that passes for news on Yahoo. One of the main sites I do visit though is ProFootballTalk (Mike Florio's site). While the articles used to be better, and now there are a number of voices, some good some . . . not. Another is Viking Update (Bob Lurtsema's site).

So earlier today I run across a couple things that made me go WTF about Frazier. Don't misunderstand, I do think he has done tremendously well for the Vikings, and he is a Massive upgrade from Puntf__ker. All that said, the two articles I read both seem to have a Vibe that meshes with something I tossed out in comments on another article or fanpost.

The first is Ponder talked about Harvin in the Past tense . . . Hmm let me see if I can link this thing:

Christian Ponder isnt sure whether Percy Harvin will be back

Why is Christian Ponder saying that. . that way? Unless you and Frazier have talked I would think you would still be hoping to get your first half season security blanket BACK! Which semi-clashes with other things I see that Frazier is going to be doing his exit interview with Harvin and will catch up with him then. I know you have other things to do, but you don't even KNOW the status of Harvin? Its progressing nicely and probably won't require surgery is the best you can do? Um okay. I get you don't want to talk contracts you leave that to agents and Speilman, but if you are going to have him on your team I would hope you talk more than what I saw on Viking Update's site:

Frazier, Harvin to talk soon

Well while odd, those are not too bad, but this other one? It's almost Chilly-esque in some ways:

Frazier on Ponder: He's our starter

Okay I get he's the starter, especially based on how Joe played (or didn't rather) on Saturday. I get he's improved since last year. I get he played well in crunch time with playoffs on the line. I get his backup . . . sucked. Still for this WHOLE season you kept talking about the good things Ponder has done and improved on even when he was showing an inability to outplay Spergon FREAKIN Wynn! So now You hope Joe is on the team competing for a backup spot barring something we may do during our personnel meeting?

Did he take your daughter out without permission? Is that why he spent the entire YEAR not playing then got tossed in without taking EVERY snap and walk through for the week as Ponder could not throw the ball at ALL? At LAMBEAU FIELD IN JANUARY? IN THE PLAYOFFS? That's not next man up, that's hey get some reps, Ponder can't get out there yet, but we sure hope he can go Sunday so we have a chance at winning. And everyone needs to be on script for how he'll play Saturday. Joe mentioned (no link I don't have one) he did not get all the reps during the week, which seems strange to me if someone was admitting to having trouble throwing in the last game. So maybe Joe was not prepared nearly as well as he should have been.

Still does not excuse most of Joe's play, but maybe I get some of it now.

Ponderphile's rejoice. Reading this it seems that Joe Webb may have played as badly because he already knew he was going to be cut. And you will all say it's because he was bad, in practice, in game (yup just the one). They spent an awful lot of time defending the decision earlier in the year and now it seems they want to punt him because he did not get us to Atlanta for Ponder to play in his next game. And yes, coach said that he deactivated Ponder so he could heal up for next week. Webb had NOTHING to play for with the Vikings, and failing going Montana on Green Bay probably knew he was done in the NFL. That might have been what I saw on his face during the game, miss a pass, mistake on where receiver is making a cut or reading coverage and that's a couple passes done, and Musgrave is calling for the long ball shots more often instead of the short passes, or previously working read option.

For someone that seems to have such class and dignity, and has treated Ponder very well knowing that his shot was going to him instead, it just smacks of a massive double standard. Like Puntf__ker had with everyone.

Bleh, sorry for the excessive rant. Worse I still want Frazier as coach, the team plays Hard for the man. I just hope he's not being excessive in his veiled favoritism (Ponder, DA) and slight spite (Webb, Wright till Harvin was gone). He can certainly coach, I just hope this is not an actual issue, but more media getting things blown up so they have hits and stuff.

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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