/ Start rant

There is a TV ad campaign currently running: FOMOF. Fear of missing out on football. And sure, I fear that I missed out on football - even though I watched yesterday’s game. Or that's not entirely accurate, as the Panthers showed me some football. Cam Newton showed me some football. But my team did not. They only showed me what's *NOT* football.

-Ponder sucked, Cassel sucked and Freeman will probably suck. But well, that doesn’t really matter, because if we play this *GOOD*, then we can draft that Bridgewater guy with our number one draft pick. Teddy is supposedly rather good, but that’s also what I thought about our team before the train turned into a wreck…
-Sanford can’t make a pick, even if the ball is thrown at him.
-Josh Robinson can’t cover guys in the slot. He. Just. Cannot. Period. He has the tools to succeed against shiftier slot receivers; speed and quickness and an aptitude of being physical. But the position is not the one he knows to play. Hence, despite of all his tools, he only look like * A TOOL* covering guys inside.
-Jared Allen CAN generate pressure. But he CANNOT catch a mobile quarterback. He also can’t keep containment or stop the run. And why is he the top paid defensive player (Cap number) in the league? I for the hell don’t know.
-Simpson is athletic, and is very good at getting his hands on the ball. Sadly he is not equally good at actually grabbing the ball (to make a catch).
-Musgrave is a joke. Quite literally, he is. Commentator Brian Billick circled Musgrave’s playsheet (card?), mentioning that he could not have used one back in the day – it wouldn’t have been big enough to cover his big mouth… Funny, but so sad for a Vikings fan.
-Adjustments for the offensive line anyone? Tight ends to help against a rush? Carolina had men running left and right of our offensive line, totally untouched to greet our quarterback. It looked awful. I don’t know who to blame. Didn’t Cassel see the blitzes, and react/adjust plays accordingly? When he didn’t react, didn’t the offensive coordinator / o-line coach see that something had to be done? Didn’t Frazier?
-One of our most explosive player, and the one with perhaps most potential – what is his job? To watch footballs being kicked over his head. He cannot be used in other ways. But that is apparently as it supposed to be, as he is a rookie. And rookies doesn’t start. That is a rule in the NFL, or at least our coaches seem to think so.

/ End rant.

If you are that guy who see a droplet of fluid in a glass, and think that it’s half full, then:

-Brian Robison, is a white dude that can jump and get he hands up in the air (he also can shot put, isn’t that a weird combo?). Luckily we extended him and not Billick’s favorite Gerald Allen.
-Chad Greenway can make some nice tackles.
-Peterson was Peterson. A couple of nice runs. A nice catch and first down. A fumble, that he recovered (I would not like to be in a pile trying to wrestle for the ball with him). Regretfully, we didn’t see him enough.
-Rudolph showed some attitude, while most other players did not.
-By my counts Walsh is 90 % this season, and the only guy who is not slumping from last year.
-Jennings can grab the ball nicely with one hand.
-The uniforms looked nice. The helmet purple matched the uniform purple!

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