coaching changes?

Good Morning fellow DN'ers. I could bring myself to read any Vikings websites since THAT showing on Sunday. Simply unacceptable.

However, having avoided the urge to post on DN this week, I have managed to clear my head and, hopefully, thought about the best way forward when it comes to the direction of the Vikings coaching staff.

I have come to the following conclusion on what I would like to see the Vikings do next season:

HC - Leslie Frazier.

Now, hear me out with this one - Frazier has the resepct of his players, and has shown he can keep them focused even in the midst of a losing season. Does anyone want to bring in a dictator type HC now? Just take a look in Tampa Bay - we've been down the Chilly road, it wasnt pretty. Where Frazier has fallen down is his loyalty to veteren players. I'm all for making rookies "earn it" but make them earn it during camp and the preseason (like they did with Harrison Smith). There is no way Rhodes should be behind Robinson on the depth chart!

Frazier has been seriously hampered during games by Musgrave (and we'll get onto OC shortly). Frazier is a Defensive HC, however he has had to be heavily involved in Offensive playcalling due to Musgrave's ineptitude, meaning Frazier cant spend as much time adjusting the defense as is currently required. If we had a OC who Frazier could trust to call plays and utilize our weapons better, the team as a whole would improve.

OC - Here is where we need new blood.

On paper, the Vikings have a very exciting offense, with a good mix of young guys with high ceilings (Rudolph / Patterson / Wright / Kalil / Fusco) znd proven veterans in their prime ( Peterson / Jennings / Sullivan / Loadholt). We also have a potential franchise QB in Josh Freeman, but does anyone believe that Musgrave will get the best out of him?

With our offense, we shouldnt have a problem attracting a good OC, something we could not say when we hired Musgrave. All we had then was Peterson and Harvin.

If we can get in a good OC, this could change the team dramatically, allowing Frazier to focus on the defense more and making a more potent offense.

DC - Allan Williams

Again, here me out. Williams has actually done a good job of calling plays, we finally have a DC who is willing to mix us out of the basic cover 2 that we have grown used to. However, execution is killing him. And that's where Frazier's stubbornness todrop underperforming veterens isn't helping Willimas at all.

His plays are being let down by the likes of Henderson, Robinson and even Allen seriously underperfoming where we have guys like Rhodes, Mauti, Cole, Griffen, (until sunday)Bishop missing out on snaps. These guys are talented, hungry and would do a better job than the guys in front of them.

Hopefully with extra cap space next season and following another Spielman only draft, we will be able to shore up our secondary and improve the front seven, which would allow Williams' plays to actually be exectuted.

Cheers guys, and lets hope Freeman shows us something in the next 11 games!!!


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