What Coaching?

Could things get any worse? Yes and I'll tell you why. The players no longer believe in their coaches. That spells disaster for this team. Think back when you had a bad coach in your life time and how much you didn't want to be there and the game wasn't fun anymore. Well, now you know exactly how the Vikings players feel.

The talent of a team can only carry a bad coach so far. Look at Brad Childress for example. This team almost beat the Bears and Browns with bad coaching. Now that the ship has sunk; the players can no longer do all the heavy lifting. Knowing that your being out coached and not being put in a position to succeed is an awful feeling. You can only run into a wall so many times for someone until you quit.

I'm going to break down some of the coaches.

Leslie Frazier

Strengths: Players coach. He has the ability to communicate well with his players and get the most out of them.

Why he succeeded for a short time? Because Brad Childress was so bad at communicating with his players, Frazier was able to feed off that and give the players someone they wanted to play for and trust. As you can see that only can get you so far. Leslie would be a good coach if he had good coordinators but he doesn't. Simply put he was a good communicator and the players trusted him. But when your message is repeating itself and no longer as any value, he loses all credibility as a coach.

Negatives: How about all of the above. He can't game plan, can't make adjustments at halftime or during a game. Bad decision making, clock management, and the biggest weakness of the team is defense. This doesn't bold well for a former defensive coordinator.

Bill Musgrave

Strengths: I'm not trying to be a @ss here, but I really can't think of one. Call me crazy. I thought he called his best game the last game of the season last year against Green Bay. I'll give him that.

Negatives: Players have no confidence in his play calling and it shows at times. Play calling is predictable and has no creativity. Please run a screen pass with Peterson just once this year!!! I'll never understand that one. How can a player improve on a weakness if you never give him the opportunity to (Referring to Peterson catching the ball)? Even when Ponder was playing good, he never let him play loose by always handcuffing him. I think that ruined any chance for Ponder to succeed when the coach shows no trust in you. There are so many talented players that don't succeed because they lack confidence and second guess themselves. That is what you're seeing in Ponder right now and more than ever. Think about being a golfer and having your caddie tell you to use a 9 iron every shot. Play it safe and avoid the disaster hole. That's what they did to Ponder. Ponder was worried about not making a mistake, he never just went out there and played. He is damaged goods at this point. I don't think Ponder would have been great, but he was good enough to be an average QB with good coaching.

Alan Williams: Ummm is that is last name because I'm not sure and the defense is ranked what???? Enough said.......

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